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Too Cool for school is a Korean cosmetic brand that are designed for younger girls that like cosmetics with a new and fun design and with a affordable price. If you have looked at their cosmetics before, you will know their main designed color is red and black. I have never tried this brand before, but I have seen it several times on some online stores and always find their design to be unique.
If you are into Korean cosmetics and like to try out some with a fun design in a affordable price, then I do recommend you to check this brand out.
You can already see their fun design, right?
There is not much to say about the package, beside that I think if I saw it in a store, it will be eye catching for me and defiantly will take a closer look to the product.
Since everything is written in Korean, I don’t understand anything that’s written behind and I could hardly find any information online either. But the word “Water Beam Stick” is enough to let you know that it’s suppose to be light and moisturizing.
Continue with the inside…
I think the design were really cute, unique and fun.
It’s first time I have seen a lipstick design like this. I think if you bring this out, because of the unique design, there will be many friends that will ask you about this lipstick. I like to have something that’s unique, so I loved their design.
Photo taken from
They have 5 different colors available for this series. The one I am using on this post is red, number 1. I had a hard time on deciding which color to try out. I decided on red, because I got many natural shaded lipstick recently, so I thought it would be nice to get something different.
I am happy that it’s not a extreme red color, because this is really moisturizing.
It’s almost like a lip balm with tint.


 Warning: Because I am not using daylight, the color is not 100% correct.
It was slightly more reddish than my shown photos, but still not so red like their commercial photos.
 The color is build able.
If applied only once, it looks natural with a slight red color 
and really moisturizing like a lip balm.
Moisturize: As I have mentioned above, this is super moisturizing and you won’t need to apply anything else to keep your lips hydrated. It won’t make your lips get wrinkled and looks bad for sure.
Lasting: Just like any other lipsticks, it’s recommended to re-apply after you have eaten or drink something. And because of the lightness of this lipstick, I think it wear off easily once it touch something, so it leaves mark on cups easily.
Smell: I need to get so close as 1 cm distance from the lipstick to smell a light candy fragrance.
Taste: It has a really light taste to it, I don’t know how to describe it… I think it’s just a lipstick taste? But it’s so light that I don’t find it bothersome anyway.
My thought
In overall… I like this lipstick a lot and will be using it in my daily makeup from now on. One of the main reason is because I am not really a lipstick person, and this one feels like a lip balm with a red tint.
I also loved the unique design and would love to try out other colors someday.
Recommend to girls…
like unique design
Moisturizing lipsticks
Affordable price
Korean brand
Color build able
Where To Buy?
Have you tried this brand before?
Note: The product on this post is sponsored, but I reviewed with my own opinion.

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