TonyMoly – Tatoo Eyebrow Review by JCLiani

CL (Cosmetic Love) sent me this product. They have a great website selling Korean Cosmetics with free shipping all over the world. The price is reasonable and they launch new products every few days. They always gives discount for new products too.
I’m really curious with the tatoo thing. Is it really for 7days???
It comes in a box, I love the design. It’s way classier than pencil or crayon type. The pen itself is made from glossy plastic and quiet heavy compared to eyebrow pencil/crayon. It’s really similar with liquid pen eyeliner.
Smudge test after draw it for a few minutes. It is still there even though the color faded away a bit. And after rubbing it with water, the stain is still there in a very thin layer. But… If you let it set overnight like the direction from the web, it will set for days! (/*^_^)/*
Draw the outline first, it is the easiest way to start then fill in the eyebrows. After I sleep and wash my face the next morning, even with soap it is still there and still like that in days. Love it!!! I don’t have to do my eyebrows everyday. It already has a subtle color that fill in so it will look very natural. To make it looks good, just add a thin layer of powder or crayon. Really easy and quick for busy morning. 
+ Long lasting for days
+ Easy to draw
+ Very natural look
+ Nice packaging, heavier than plastic
+ Precision tip and soft brush
– Not last until 7 days on me but 5 days are already good
I’ve been using it for days and I can say that it is good for 4-5 days but don’t rub or clean your eyebrows too hard. For 7 days, maybe if you don’t touch your eyebrows at all but it’s already good to make me fall in love with it. It gives soft and natural look, and last for a long time because I only use it for once a week or so. Very recommended and I’ll repurchase aside from eyebrow crayon.
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Price: $11.95
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