Tony Moly – Tony Tint Red Apple Review by Petit Poppy


Review: Tonymoly tint in Red apple


Another product from Tonymoly, I bought it from Cosmetic Love for 7,19$ free shipping :D.
I really like liptints if you do too, keep reading ~
Tony moly TONY TINT 2 Colors (#1 Cherry Pink, #2 Red Apple):
Contains jojoba oil to ease the absorption, restore cells and boost suppleness on lips.
Also contains other ingredients to help the lips look lively and vibrant.


The packaging is pretty simple, not that girly but it’s fine :). It comes in 2 colors, I bought the one called Red
 apple, so basically it’s a red tint, I have so many pink liptints so I didn’t choose the other one keke.

Well, the first thing you can say about the product, it’s that it has a lot of product (9g), see how big it is ?
The part with the tint measures about 6.5 cm.

It’s really liquidy, and the “hole” (sorry I can’t remember the English word TAT) is a bit wide, so it looks
pretty messy, make sure it’s clean before closing the liptint, or else it will get on your fingers by the space
 between the bottle and the cap.

The color is really pretty…

…but it doesn’t spread that easily. Which means that it clings to your skin LOL and it’s really long lasting, you
 can eat and drink, the color doesn’t fade away that easily 😀

When I apply a liquid tint, I dab small dots on my lips (do you understand what I mean? XD), but it doesn’t
 work with this one since it’s a bit hard to spread, you have to apply a full line on the inner center of your 
lips. It still looks nice though ! But the color will be more vibrant. That’s why I use a tissue to put it, drop 
some product on it and dab it on your lips, the effect will look more natural ^_^. 

Different lighting~ Oh yes, I forgot to mention the taste. No unfortunately it doesn’t smell like apple, it’s a
bitter taste, and I don’t know how to describe the scent but I would say it’s a strong floral scent (you can’t
smell it once it’s on your lips). 

Apply a clear lipgloss or a glossy lipbalm after using the tint, it will accentuate the gradient effect :D.
If you have flaky or dry lips, I recommend you to use a lipbalm first, actually, it’s easier to spread if your lips
are not completely dry :D.
Overall I like this product, it looks super pretty on my lips, if you
 don’t like to re-apply your lipstick after eating or drinking, try this 
liptint !
Bye bye ~~ 




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