Tony Moly – Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream review by nailwish

I have been interested on CC Creams a long time because I never use foundation because they have always dried my face no matter what brand or type I used, and then I tried BB Creams and I fell in love with them, but although you will call me crazy, I was still wanting something with even less coverage to give me a more natural look, and when Cosmetic-Love chose me to be one of their month reviewers I went crazy and looked only through their CC Creams selection!
Cosmetic-Love is a Korean beauty online store that carries some of the most famous brands as Etude House, SkinFood, Shiseido… or TonyMoly, the brand of the CC Cream they sent me, TonyMoly Luminous Pure Aura. As you can see the packaging is simple and pretty, and it has a pump dispenser which makes it more hygienic.
The CC Cream is white but one of its properties is being self-levelling thanks to the colour capsules inside the cream. If you look closer you can see the capsules on the first picture, like tiny brown dots that “explode” when you apply the cream. On the second picture you can also see how the colour starts to show and blend with my skin.
About coverage, the first we need to remember is that it is a CC Cream, so it has not good coverage at all, but the property I was looking for is that it evens my skin tone and eliminate redness, at the same time that moisturises and treats my poor skin… On the picture you can see my upper nose and eyes, first without any kind of product and then with the TonyMoly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream. It covers my super light freckles and eliminates the redness under my eyes, exactly what I wanted, I love it!
Here you can see even better why I love this product. My skin is very pale, but it usually has a lot of redness and very light freckles that look like blemishes and give the appearance of uneven skin (On the left), but when I use this CC Cream (On the right) it covers all those red spots but still looking very natural, like wearing nothing! And if I need more coverage on some specific areas (like dark circles) I apply a little bit of concealer before it.
And while these three beauties play together with their CC Creams I will tell you a little bit more about TonyMoly CC Creams, because this brand has 3 of them and something is difficult to know the differences:
– Baby CC balm: Adds volume and gives you the effect of having a plumped face. It states that this balm gives you good coverage making you look younger and more youthful.
– Live Aura and Pure Aura CC cream: Both are basically the same, a 7 in 1 cream (sun protection, whitening, anti-wrinkle, shine, moisture, primer, make up base), but the Pure CC cream is more white whilst the Live CC cream is slightly pink, also the Pure CC cream has a more matte finish, while the Live CC cream has a moist finish, so I would recommend the Live for people with dry skin.
Finally just saying that I am really happy with this product and it has become part of my daily routine, and I am sure I will buy it when I finish this one… And thanks to the customer support of Cosmetic-Love because they answered all my emails very quickly, the shipping was really really quick and they were even so kind of give me information about the product when I couldn’t find what I was looking for by myself.
See you soon!!



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