Tony Moly – Luminous Perfume Face Powder Review by Petit Poppy


Review: Luminous Perfume Face Powder

I was using the Etude House Dream on powder until I got this one by Tonymoly! It’s called Luminous 
perfume face powder and it comes in 2 shades, light beige and natural beige. Cosmetic Love kindly gave me
 the two colors to review ^_^. 
Tonymoly Luminous Perfume Face Powder 2 Colors:
Depending on different light angles, the satin pearls naturally give gleam to provide a brighter and more luminous face texture.
Ultrafine soft satin pearls and jewerly powder provide a luxuriously luminous look.
Aromas from the fresh and soft rose essential oil gives a refreshing, long-lasting scent during makeup so that this perfume face powder helps to make your makeup time enjoyable.
This powder selectively picks out only the greasy parts of sebum to absorb its greasyness to make the skin look soft and satin-like for a long time.


The box is really cute and girly ! I like the pattern on the top surface which is as luminous and glowing as the
name ~

So this is how the packaging looks like. It’s a pink metallic cap and the pattern makes it look luxurious ^_^.
I think  it’s made out of plastic because it’s really light, which is a good point :).

Here you can see the difference between the two shade, the sticker proves that it’s not a fake, be careful
when you buy something online, but Cosmetic Love only sells original products ^_^.

It comes with a mirror and a nice puff, but I recommend you to use a brush because it’s easier to apply
since it’s a loose powder. Puffs tend to keep bacterias on it, and you don’t want to spread them all over your
 face, so make sure to clean it after 2 uses :).  I think it is a little bit too easy to open the cap, so i’m scared
 that it will open in my bag @o@. 

Remove this ~

The holes look big here, but they are smaller in real life, and it’s a little bit hard for the powder to come out 
which is one of the bad point ;_;. You have to remove the puff first, and gently tap on the back on the

(sorry the colors of the pics are not the same, they have been taken on 2 different days @@)
… but it will look a little bit messy LOL. That’s why I don’t use the puff. I just put it on the top to prevent
 the powder from getting on the miror, anyway it’s a bit hard to control the amount of product you want.

For those who want to know if the cap is removable, yes it is !

The biggest merit of this product is its nice floral scent ! It smells like roses, I read that it contains essential
oils too (from the roses I guess). The flagrance is not too strong, it’s light and calming ~ Since the perfume is
 made from natural things, people with sensitive skin can use this product :).
Anyway, as you can see on the picture above, it’s a semi-matte effect, it’s slightly brighter than my
skintone, which is great 🙂

It has fine shimmers, this powder is perfect if you have oily skin because it contains pigments that absorb
sebum. And the oil control is really good, I have to blot my nose only once after 4 or 5 hours :). Usually, it
 looks like a frying pan full of grease after 3 hours @o@.
Actually, I thought it would be more glowing, but you can’t really see the shimmers T.T

Sorry for the different colors, I changed the setting before taking the other pic, silly me e_e.
My skin is really oily, I used my Dr.Jart silver label BBcream with the powder, which is a good combination
 because both of the products are adapted to oily skin ~
The powder also covers the redness but not completely, so don’t skip your concealer if you have
imperfections :).

Now I’m going to quickly compare the two shades~

The #2 looks a bit more mattifying than the #1, but I think that’s because it’s darker than my skintone,
otherwise the effects are the same. I wouldn’t recommend this product to people with a dark skintone, it will
 look too white on your face.
Anyway, I highly recommend this loose powder to people with oily
 skin who don’t want a matte finish ! 😀





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