Tony Moly – Floria Nutra Energy Toner Review by End To End Beauty


Tony Moly Floria Nutra Energy Toner review by E2E Beauty


I thought I would skip the whole introduction post (you know the classic, who I am, what I want this blog to be all about), and since the title it’s pretty much explanatory I will jump directly into a review.

I have been using for few months now Tony Moly Floria Nutra Energy Toner. I am still using my normal water consistency toner (which I apply with a cotton pad), and this one in conjunction for a little bit of hydration.


This lines consists of several products:
1.TONY MOLY Floria Nutra energy Toner 
2.TONY MOLY Floria Nutra energy Emulsion 
3.TONY MOLY Floria Nutra energy Esence 
OR. TONY MOLY Floria Nutra energy Miracle Serum 
4.TONY MOLY Floria Nutra energy Eye Cream 
5.TONY MOLY Floria Nutra energy Cream

Official description:
“Tonymoly Floria Nutra Energy Toner: This soft, highly moisturizing gel type toner instantly gives concentrated hydration and replenishes skin intensively. It is a highly moisturizing toner that contains Witch Hazel extracts, as introduced in “Get it Beauty”, so even the sensitive skins can use it without any irritation, and it’s a highly nutrient toner which nutrient capsules bursts to provide the skin with sufficient nutrients.
(6-free: Mineral oil, Benzophenone, TEA, Artificial color, Phthalates, Sulfate)”

Even though on the front of the bottle it says it contains Argan Oil (which is really hyped up for a while now) the percentage is actually quite small:0,01%. However it also contains Witch Hazel and 10% of Safflower Water.

 My thoughts:

Packaging wise I really like it! The bottle has round edges and a beautiful duo crome aspect when it hits the light. I no longer have the box it came into, but it was just as pretty. The pump is a plus, but since almost all products here come with a pump, you kind of take it as granted (unlike US where I saw this is a issue, especially with drugstore foundations).


The toner itself is a semi transparent liquid with a thicker consistency. It’s almost like a gel type and has a very pleasant fresh smell. But the best part is that is not sticky AT ALL. It absorb quite quickly in the skin and leaves a smooth feeling.
Since I have combination type skin, and oily in the summer, I have used this as an emulsion night and day (1 to 2 pumps per application). Now that the weather started getting colder and windy, I feel this is not enough anymore and I need also a separate lotion/moisturizer.
It worked perfectly with my very sensitive skin, and even though it’s advertised for dry skin I haven’t had any issue so far.


I bought this when Cosmetic-Love had it 50% off (I love these kind of deals and take advantage of them almost all the time :D). Currently they have it for 22,46 USD.

Would I buy it again?

If I encounter another sale like this definitely, if not I would like to try other products as well. However I am really enjoying this product and recommend it.

What is your favorite toner?

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