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Perhaps the cutest mascara ever – TonyMoly Cats Wink 3GO Mascara

Hello! Today I have a review for everybody featuring TonyMoly’s Cats Wink 3GO Mascara in #1 Power Volume! This review was kindly sponsored by cosmetic-love, but all of my opinions are 100% honest. I’m afraid the mascara is currently out of stock, however.

Cosmetic-love is an online store that sells Korean cosmetic, skincare, and beauty products for affordable prices! They also offer international free shipping, which is superb! They also constantly have promotions and sales, so check them out!


Now onto the review!

The package was shipped on December 29th, and arrived at my doorstep on January 16th! Shipping took approximately two weeks, which is what I have expected. ^^ The two items that I was allowed to pick were packaged in a small cardboard box~

The items inside were packaged neatly and safely! Both were nicely bubble-wrapped and there was absolutely no damage at all.

I will be reviewing the second product in a future review!

The mascara was protected by a plastic packaging. I would have preferred if the product came in a box (since I’m such a packaging junkie), but this is completely fine.

Now let us see how this beauty looks~ I absolutely adore its packaging! Who could resist this adorable cat mascara?

This mascara came in two formulas – #1 Power Volume and #2 Longlash Curling. I decided to choose #1 because I’ve read a couple of reviews saying that the two formulas are quite similar. The bottom of the tube indicates which type you have.

The mascara brush is quite average – nothing too special but does the job. The formula isn’t wet nor dry; it’s more of an in-between almost cream-like texture, if that made any sense.

Some close-ups:

Now, how does it work on my eyelashes? Here is a comparison between my bare lashes and how it looks after I’ve applied this mascara (as well as after curling my lashes):

As you can see, the mascara does offer a bit of volume, but it’s more on the natural side.

Some close-ups on the eye:


What I liked: This mascara is very suitable for daily wear or to school. It gives a very natural enhancement to the eyes. I usually just put on some mascara if I want my eyes to look brighter, and this does the job very nicely!

I was also very pleased that there was no flaking involved! I suspect it was because of the almost cream-like texture of the formula that keeps it staying on my lashes. It adds good length and considerable volume to my lashes, which is great!

Not to mention the cheap price (only around $7) and adorable packaging completely captivates me.

This mascara is also waterproof to an extent. If water touches it, it would not slide off until you rub your eyes! ^^ Removing this mascara is very easy as well~

What I disliked: While I overall enjoyed this mascara, I found that it is very average. I have yet to find a good mascara that would keep my lashes up after I have curled them. This mascara is very natural so therefore very unnoticeable, so would not be fit for extravagant looks.

The formula was a bit hard to use at first, since my previous mascara was more of a dry formula. I would suggest removing the excess formula at the tip of the wand before applying.

I am also a bit bothered by the packaging, since the cat’s head does not face the front of the bottle.


I had absolutely no problem with cosmetic-love! They responded to my emails very quickly, and Luna was very kind in her responses. ^^ Their messages also end super nice, with them wishing me a wonderful day, which I think contributes to their overall customer service. They are very patient and will answer any questions kindly!

Shipping is also great! It did take two weeks for the package to arrive, which is average shipping time. I did really like how the items were arranged inside the box, with bubble-wrap and the little Styrofoam stars!

Prices are also very reasonable and affordable! Young people, such as students, will have no problem with the price ranges – and free shipping is amazing! The website is also very easy to navigate and there is a very wide range of products to browse from.

I definitely recommend cosmetic-love! I have bought from their ebay store in the past as well, and I have received a couple of lovely samples and lovely service! ^^

Thank you for reading!

*This review was sponsored, by my opinions are 100% honest.*



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