Summer Korean Beauty Haul ( review )


Hello cuties ! 8 Long time no see ~
I received cosmetics from 22
It’s my favourite shop with korean cosmetics because they have good prices , different special offers and big sales ! Also , they have free shipping on any orders ! 14

[Etude House] Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara


IMG_0043_副本IMG_0044_副本IMG_0045_副本IMG_0047_副本Well , this is new Etude House mascara and it’s so popular now ! 10 This mascara should fix your lash for 24 hours 。  I was shocked , but it really works !7 Except I removed all make up , my lash still was fixed and it looks so pretty and natural ! Also , this mascara is so easy to apply ! 1 So , don’t lose your chance to buy it ! 9

IMG_0053_副本 IMG_0052_副本

[Innisfree] 2015 S/S Mineral Single Shadow

IMG_0014_副本I have this eyeshadow in #51 Toe Shoes Ribbon color and I really like it ! 5 This color is pink and looks like yummy peach ㅋㅋㅋ This eyeshadow is so girly and doesn’t make your eyes look like you cried !11 And this eyeshadow so bright and easy to blend !13  I made today’s make up with this eyeshadow 。8


[Etude House] Play 101 Pencil 

IMG_0060_副本IMG_0061_副本IMG_0068_副本I have this eyepencil in #18 Purple color 。 Actually my favourite color is purple 。5 So , I couldn’t don’t buy this eyepencil ! I really love this eyepencil because I can use it in 2 ways : like eyeshadow or eyeliner ! 7  I have only 4 pencils , but I wish that one day I will have all colors of them ㅋㅋㅋ 


[Innisfree] Real Fluid Rouge 


IMG_0018_副本IMG_0019_副本IMG_0021_副本IMG_0026_副本I really like wearing bright colors on my lips and that’s my I really like korean tints ! 10  Korean tints are so bright and so good for any season ! 14 Now it’s summer and it’s so cool to wear bright berries colors ! Well , I have this Innisfree tint in #10 Blueberry Purple color and it’s the darkest color of these tints ! 8 It looks so pretty and bright on lips ! 1Also , you can drink smth or eat smth and this tint will not remove from your lips ! But don’t try to kiss your bf with it ㅋㅋㅋ Also , this tint doesn’t make your lips dry 。I give this tint 10 points of ten !!! 9

IMG_0032_副本 IMG_0030_副本 IMG_0034_副本

[Beyond] God Of Patch_Bear (Lip Area) 


Also , they put some presents ㅋㅋㅋ


Thank you for reading ! 21

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