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Hello sweeties ^_^
I am going to share with you what I think of the Skinfood Salmon darkcircle concealer cream. I’ve always a concealer that works well for my eyes, and those that you use to hide your pimples, scars etc don’t work for me, So I decided to buy a good eye concealer ^__^.
This item was not sponsored, I bought it with my own money from Cosmetic Love ~


Description by Skinfood
Skin Food Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream 2 Colors (#1 Salmon Blooming, #2 Salmon Beige):
Concentrated & creamy, it effectively covers dark eye circles and wrinkles. Can be easily applied without irritation.


This is the #1 Salmon Blooming ♥





Do you see the small drops ? I think it’s salmon oil ^_^ but there is nothing on the concealer when you first open it.



Before applying the concealer:


After applying the concealer:


– The packaging is really nice, it reminds me of a jam jar for some reason ^__^
– It has a lot of product, it will last for at least 1 or 2 years !
– I like the scent, it’s not strong and of course, even though it’s written “salmon oil”  it doesn’t smell fishy at all ! I don’t know how to describe the scent but it reminds me of the sea (LOL), not in a bad way, anyway it smells nice !
– The texture is creamy and easy to blend ~
– The lasting power is amazing ! It may fade away just a little bit after 4 or 5 hours but it still hides your darkcircles ^_^
– It doesn’t feel dry but moisturized ♥
– It matches my skintone very well


– It’s a little bit sticky so you may have to apply loose powder on the top of the concealer 🙂
– Since it’s a jar I have to poke my finger inside ^-^”, I haven’t tried to apply it with a brush yet, but I think it would be hard to blend because of the stickiness.
– It creases a little bit
– It’s a glass jar, be careful not to drop it ♥


It works perfectly for me so far, I really like it ♥
Recommended if you want to hide ugly darkcircles, it will brighten your eyes up ^_^
Some bloggers told me that it doesn’t work for them, it may depends on how dark are you dark circles, for me it works perfectly, I just have to use a loose powder on the top and it lasts the whole day ~


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