Skinfood – All Over Muffin Cake Finish Powder Review by KimKine



I had been eying the Skinfood Muffin Cake highlighters for awhile now and was thrilled when I was accepted into Cosmetic Love’s sponsorship program! *click if you want to be sponsored* The lovely Luna responded so quickly to all my questions and informed me when my package had been shipped off which I really appreciate. Not to mention my product came with free samples. Thank you so much Cosmetic Love!

I chose the shade #02 Choco Brownie (yum!) which has a baked-type marbling texture which supposedly gives you a subtle and sexy glow. It contains a shimmery pearl substance and ultra fine gold pearls light up your face. Usually Skinfood products contain yummy ingredients and this product is no different- it contains many fresh fruit and plant ingredients to keep the skin healthy.
The powder pact is palm sized and quite tall as it contains 3 layers- sort of like a layer cake!
All the sections simply pull apart to reveal the highlighter and a brush. I find the packaging quite secure and it does not pull open too easily, despite not having the usual twist opening.
There is a sizeable 14g of product which will last a long time as the powder is quite hard. The brush is soft, densely packed and of a lot higher quality than most set brushes. I have used it every time I have applied this product and actually prefer it to my blush brushes because I can turn it vertical and use it to highlight precisely down the center of my nose.

The highlighter is quite hard and does have a coating on the surface which you will need to buff away before you can get to the actual powder. Above is one swipe of 2 fingers across the surface. The powder is a shimmery gold and I would not describe it finely milled, but nor is it chunky. Contrary to the name, I would use this as a highlighter and not all over the face as the name suggests.
Applied along the cheekbones.
Unfortunately, this product is sold out on Cosmetic Love, but you can check out their wide range of powders here. They are also having a massive 50% off sale on the Missha Yehyun line right now! And yes, they have FREE WORDWIDE SHIPPING!
You can buy the product on Ebay for around $12-15 and I would say it’s worth the money if you are looking for an inexpensive and obvious highlight.

This product was sent to me for free. As usual, all opinions and photos are my own.


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