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Hey! ­čÖé
I think I want to try all the Asian BB Creams in the world haha :)) Even though I’ve already found THE ONE (I’m talking about the:┬áEnca Acne Control BB Cream) I still want to try some other BB Creams that are on the Asian market.
Cred c─â p├ón─â nu testez toate BB Cream-urile asiatice nu m─â las haha :)) De╚Öi am descoperit BB Cream-ul perfect pentru nevoile tenului meu (despre acesta vorbesc:┬áEnca Acne Control BB Cream), sunt ├«n continuare curioas─â de cel─âlalte produse care exist─â pe pia╚Ťa asiatic─â.
This isn’t my first time using Skin79┬áproducts, I’ve tried the Hot Pink BB Cream and the VIP┬áGold BB Cream (I had some samples) and if you are going to ask which one of them I liked the most I’m gonna say the VIP Gold one, it gives a lot more coverage than the other one. You know me I’m a sucker cute┬ápackaging, I just couldn’t┬áresist┬áwhen I saw this one, but did it┬árise┬áto my┬áexpectations?
Nu e prima mea “├«ntalnire” cu produsele de la Skin79, am testat p├ón─â acum Hot Pink BB Cream ╚Öi VIP Gold Super BB Cream┬á(am avut c├óteva mostre)┬á╚Öi dac─â o s─â m─â ├«ntreba╚Ťi care dintre cele dou─â mi-a pl─âcut mai mult, o s─â v─â r─âspund c─â mi-a pl─âcut VIP Gold Super BB Cream, mi s-a p─ârut c─â ofer─â o acoperire mult mai bun─â. Pentru c─â sunt mega atras─â de amabalaje cute & girly bine├«n╚Ťeles c─â n-am putut s─â nu aleg produsul despre care o s─â v─â vorbesc ast─âzi, dar oare s-a ridicat la m─âsura a╚Ötept─ârilor mele? ­čÖé
skin79, bb cream, skin79 lovely girl bb cream

Name / Denumire: Skin79 Lovely girl B.B Cream; ***
Where can I buy it from? / De unde îl pot achiziţiona?:;
Price? / Ce preţ are?: 9.36$;
Ingredients / Ingrediente:  Water, Butylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate, Butylene Glycol, Titanium Dioxide, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone, Mineral Oil, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Polyglyceryl-4 Isostearate, Sodium Chloride, Lanolin, Sorbitan Olivate, Beeswax, Sodium Hyaluronate, CI 77492, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Quaternium-18 Bentonite, Methylparaben, CI 77499, Butylparaben, Pehnoxyethanol, CI 77491, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Allantoin, Propylparaben, Disodium EDTA, Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Morus Alba Root Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Seed Extract, Chrysanthellum Indicum Extract, Phellodendron Amurense Bark Extract
Legend / Legenda – blue/albastru: BEST;┬ágreen/verde: GOOD;┬áorange/portocaliu: AVERAGE;┬áred/rosu: POOR.
Amount / Cantitate: 50gr;
The company says┬á/┬áCe spune produc─âtorul:┬áSoothes redness, soothes┬áirritated┬áskin, moisturizes, oil control, cares for troubled skin.┬á/┬áCalmeaz─â ro╚Öea╚Ťa, calmeaz─â pielea iritat─â, hidrateaz─â, ╚Ťine sebumul sub control, are grij─â de tenul cu probleme.
As I was saying the packaging is super cute, feminine, pink with hearts and┬ábutterflies, if you’re a┬ásucker┬áfor┬ácute packaging too then I’m sure you’ll agree with me ­čśÇ It made out of a┬ápretty┬ámanageable┬áplastic, a little bit too┬ámanageable, if you are not careful enough you┬ácould┬áend up┬áwith┬átoo much product, and it is a pity to waste product.
V─â spuneam de la ├«nceput c─â m-a atras amabalajul, e feminin, super dr─âgu╚Ť ╚Öi e roze sidefat (n-am reu╚Öit s─â ├«i surpind culoarea la lumina artificial─â :/) cu inimioare ╚Öi flutura╚Öi, dac─â ╚Öi pe voi v─â atrag ambalajele frumos colorate clar ├«mi dati dreptate ­čśÇ E realizat dintr-un plastic moale pe care se poate ap─âsa cu u╚Öurin╚Ť─â, cam prea cu u╚Öurin╚Ť─â, e destul de periculos pentru c─â din neaten╚Ťie putem scoate mai mult produs dec├ót avem nevoie.
It comes in only one shade, neutral, suitable for people with fair skin. It has creamy-liquidy┬áconsistency, it might look a little bit darker than my skin in the swatch I’ve made, but it adjust to my skin tone very┬áquickly. It has a sweet┬ásynthetic┬ásmell.
E disponibil ├«ntr-o singur─â nuan╚Ť─â, neutr─â, care este potrivita persoanelor cu tenul deschis. Are o consisten╚Ť─â u╚Öor lichid─â, u╚Öoar─â, de╚Öi poate vi se pare pu╚Ťin cam ├«nchis─â nuan╚Ťa din swatch, o dat─â aplicat se adapteaz─â foarte repede ╚Öi bine nuan╚Ťei tenului. ├Än ceea ce prive╚Öte mirosul, are un miros dulceag, oarecum sintetic.
skin79, bb cream, skin79 lovely girl bb cream

It gives a low to medium coverage (medium with two layers), you can it apply in two layers without a problem. Evens skin out from the first layer, covers some redness with two layers, but you’re still going to need a concealer to conceal really red spots (I’m talking mainly about pimples), it has a very natural finish like your skin, but better, it does not look cakey at all. I don’t have to use a moisturizer prior to using this product, it has a shiny finish, I like my skin to look pretty matte and because I have combination skin I always use a powder after. In about 4-5 hours I see some shine on my T-zone, it isn’t very transfer resistant, I┬áactually┬ádon’t think I have tried until now a very resistant transfer product.┬áI think┬áthe┬ámost I’ve ever worn it was about 8-9 hours and it looked good, didn’t disappear or caked up.
Ofer─â o acoperire mica spre medie (medie ├«n dou─â straturi), poate fi aplicat f─âr─â nicio problem─â ├«n dou─â straturi. Uniformizeaz─â tenul de la aplicarea primului strat, acoper─â c├ót de c├ót rosea╚Ťa la al doilea (ma refer la co╚Öuri; e nevoie de un corector dupa), nu ├«ncarc─â tenul ╚Öi ofera un aspect foarte natural, sub nicio forma nu are un efect de masca. Pe tenul meu pot s─â-l aplic ╚Öi f─âr─â sa fiu nevoit─â s─â aplic o crem─â hidratant─â ├«nainte, are un fini╚Ö semi-lucios, mie personal ├«mi place s─â am tenul c├ót mai mat ╚Öi av├ónd ├«n vedere c─â am tenul mixt nu sar peste pudr─â. Cam ├«n 4-5 ore de la aplicare observ c─â apare ╚Öi luciul ├«n zona T, rezisten╚Ťa la transfer este destul de mic─â, p├ón─â acum n-am ├«ntalnit un produs care s─â nu se transfere, probabil c─â exist─â, dar n-am dat eu peste el :)) Cred c─â cel mai mult l-am purtat 8 sau 9 ore ╚Öi a rezistat frumos pe ten, n-am observat s─â se str├óng─â sau s─â am zone ├«n care a disparut complet.
skin79, bb cream, skin79 lovely girl bb cream

(1. without BB Cream; 2. 1 layer of BB Cream; 3. 2 layers of BB Cream┬á/ 1. f─âr─â BB Cream; 2. 1 strat; 3. dou─â straturi)I have no idea what SPF this product has, but it does contain ingredients we find in a lot of the sunscreen out there so I’m sure it offers protection. Talking about ingredients, I do have to give this product a big plus for that, it has no┬áirritants, most of the ingredients are rated┬áGOOD and some of them are rated BEST.Nu ╚Ötiu ce factor de protec╚Ťie are, n-am g─âsit scris pe nic─âieri, dar con╚Ťine ingrediente specifice produselor cu factor de protec╚Ťie solar─â. ├Än ceea ce prive╚Öte lista de ingrediente, nu con╚Ťine iritan╚Ťi, marea majoritate a ingredientelor sunt cotate ca fiind GOOD, iar restul ca fiind Best a╚Öa c─â un mare plus din partea mea ╚Öi pentru asta.

If I would have pretty┬áflawless┬áskin┬áwhich┬áneeds only to be even out a little or has some minor redness issues, then this product would definitely be my go to product, it looks so natural on the skin, but unfortunately I sometimes have issues with my skin so I prefer a little bit more coverage. The quantity, the good ingredients and the pretty awesome price should be enough to make you want to try this product ­čÖé

Dac─â a╚Ö avea un ten f─âr─â probleme cu siguran╚Ť─â acesta e un produs care n-a╚Ö vrea s─â-mi lipseasc─â din colec╚Ťia de makeup, faptul c─â arat─â at├ót de natural pe ten m─â ├«nc├ónt─â foarte mult, dar din p─âcate tenul meu din c├ónd ├«n c├ónd ├«mi face probleme a╚Öa c─â prefer produsele cu o acoperire mai mare. Cantitate mai mult dec├ót suficient─â, ingredientele bune ╚Öi pre╚Ťul foarte acceptabil fac ca acest produs s─â fie unul destul de interesant ╚Öi s─â merite o ╚Öans─â s─â fie ├«ncercat :)Have you tried asian BB Creams? :)A╚Ťi ├«ncercat BB Cream-urile asiatice? ­čÖé

Have a great day, many kisses :***

V─â doresc o zi minunat─â, v-am pupat :***



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