Sheer Skin – Goodbye Troubles Review by Le Petit Faon



The stars of today’s post will be three products that Cosmetic Love kindly sent me, all from SheerSkin:

the Good Bye Trouble Brightening Bubbles Cleanser, the Good Bye Trouble Soothing Mist and Good Bye Trouble Soothing Fluid.

SheerSkin, as all brands sold on Cosmetic Love, is a Korean brand. You know how much I love trying new stuff from Asian brands! Their website is only written in Korean, but from what I understand they try and use only natural and safe ingredients that even children can use. That’s always good 🙂
The three products come in very simple yet pretty packaging. I especially love the Good Bye Trouble Soothing Fluid, which is made out of glass and feels more expensive than it actually is 😉 again, I wish I could read what’s written on the products, because it’s all in Korean characters. They definitely need to work on this!
The product I enjoyed the most was the Good Bye Trouble Soothing Mist. As you probably already know, I have acne and I’m always on the lookout for refreshing mists that will help my skin feel a little better. The SheerSkin Good Bye Trouble Soothing Mist is supposed to control sebum and extra moisture, control acne spots, hydrate and brighten the skin. It contains five different Korean herbs such as Taraxacum and peony, which are especially good for sensitive skin types like mine. Moreover, it also contains fig, aloe, licorice, and centella asiatica: it’s jam packed of natural ingredients! It feels so refreshing and soothing when sprayed on the skin, especially when it itches or looks particularly red. It also has a nice floral scent which I find so nice!
I also found the Good Bye Trouble Brightening Bubbleless Cleanser a good product. It’s supposed to eliminate dead skincells and blackheads, brighten the skin and deeply cleanse the pores. Like all SheerSkin products, it has lots of natural ingredients in it such as papaya, white willow tree and sunflower seed oil. I found this product cleansed my skin well and brightened it, but it didn’t remove impurities like I expected! It’s a nice cleanser nonetheless, but nothing to write home about!
The third product from SheerSkin I tried out was the Good Bye Trouble Soothing Fluid, a mix between a serum and a moisturizer. As the other two products, it has a very pleasant fresh floral scent, which makes applying it so nice and luxurious 🙂 It has a liquidy consistency and it sinks easily into the skin. Like the other two products from the ‘Good Bye Trouble’ range, it’s targeted towards sensitive skintypes and it’s meant to soothe and brighten the skin – which I found it did, especially right after applying it. The effect starts to disappear a few hours later, so I think I need to use this product a bit more to start seeing the difference 🙂
You can check out the ingredients of these SheerSkin products all on this page, where you can also find more products from the brand. Let me know what you think about SheerSkin if you decide to try anything from it! 🙂


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