Review: Etude House Dreaming Swan Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Lipstick by littleporcelainprincess

Today I’m going to be talking about the super cute Etude House Dreaming Swan Dear My Blooming Lips-talk Lipsticks! ^.^ Three of these lipsticks were kindly sent to me for review by Cosmetic Love, and the other two were purchased by myself!

The lipsticks have absolutely lovely packaging, the design wraps around the entire box which is so fun! I like that the packaging isn’t so cute that I can’t bring myself to throw it out, because I still have all of the Etude House Etoinette packaging and it takes up so much space! ><

This is chiffon lipstick with a silky texture that glides lightly onto lips with a smooth and powdery finish.

I adore the packaging of these products, the pale pink, matte packaging with the white bow appeals to me so much, as does the printed pointe shoes and bows on the lipstick tube. They have the usual Etude House rose scent.

There are five shades in this collection, and they are some of the nicest and most universally flattering shades that I could hope for! I’m so glad that Etude House decided to create matte formulas, rather than the usual glossy, glittery formulas that smear and sit unflatteringly on my lips.

PK022 – Jeté Pink

Jeté Pink is a natural pink, that leans more towards being warm toned rather than cool, which is very flattering for my warm toned skin! I rather dislike the formula of this shade, it’s really unflattering for dry lips as it catches on any dry skin or fine lines in the lips.

I do adore this shade, but it requires a lot of prep for my lips to look semi decent. With this shade it would be much better if it didn’t require the most preparation as it’s such a natural shade, it’s the easiest colour to just throw on before running out the door. This shade isn’t really buildable as it’s quite opaque in one swatch.

PK023 – Arabesque Rosy

I was pleasantly surprised with the shade of this lipstick! It’s a gorgeous rosy tone that’s beautifully vibrant without looking neon. The formula is so much more forgiving than the Jeté Pink, but still has a full, opaque and matte finish.

This shade gives a great full colour, but with a flattering formula! I absolutely love it and definitely recommend grabbing it if you can still find it! It’s as opaque as it’s going to get in one swipe, and I wouldn’t recommend doing multiple coats as I find that it gets too thick and there’s no extra colour pay off.

PK024 – En Haut Pink

En Haut Pink is a splendid cool toned pink with a surprisingly sheer formula. It’s really flattering on my dry lips and I can just swipe it on at a moments notice which makes it much easier to use than a lot of the other colours and formulas.

This shade doesn’t provide the most colour, but it gives my lips a lovely tint, and it’s a great wearable colour! I can build this colour up, but it thickens the amount of product on my lips and tends to make the colour migrate more than I would like. I love it as a sheer wash of colour anyway!

OR225 – Pointe Coral

Pointe Coral is a lovely creamsicle colour that I can imagine won’t be flattering for that many people! It’s a very pastel orange colour rather than coral, and has a very similar formula to Jeté Pink (which is not flattering).

It’s quite thick and shows off all the imperfections on my lips. Like Jeté Pink, the formula takes a lot of work to look flattering on the lips, and I really have to be in the mood to wear orange in the first place! If I apply too much, this just looks awful on my flakey lips.

PP502 – Relevé Purple
Relevé Purple is the hidden gem in the collection for me! I was quite nervous about trying this colour as I haven’t got a good record with purple lipsticks so far, but this is absolutely lovely! It’s really a more purple toned pink rather than a pink toned purple, and has the same sheer formula as En Haut Pink which is so flattering for my lips!

This lipstick is quite buildable, so I can definitely get a more opaque finish out of this sheer lipstick, but with the layers of lipstick comes the threat that it will slide to the outer section of the lips leaving a bare centre of lip. I love just wearing one layer of this lipstick for a sheer wash of colour like En Haut Pink.

What I Love
– Great colour range
– Gorgeous packaging
– Some good formulas (Arabesque Rosy, En Haut Pink, Relevé Purple)
– Inexpensive
– Lovely rose scent
What I Don’t Love
– Limited edition
– Some bad formulas (Jeté Pink and Pointe Coral)
– Packaging (although cute) is too big for lipstick holders
Final Thoughts

I absolutely love the concept of these lipsticks! I’m thrilled that these are not glittery like the rest of Etude House’s Limited Edition Lipsticks because that formula is not flattering for me at all. I absolutely love the shades Arabesque Rosy, En Haut Pink and Relevé Purple because they are the perfect shades for me to just pop on without having to mess with my lips. While I like the shades ofJeté Pink and Pointe Coral, I know they won’t get as much wear time as the others because I am lazy about lip prep!

I definitely recommend grabbing these lipsticks if you can still get your hands on them because they’re absolutely gorgeous and have lovely formulas for the most part! ^.^

Thank you so much to Cosmetic Love for sending some of these lipsticks for review!


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