Review and Giveaway: Etude House Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek

Today I’m going to be talking about the Etude House Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek! This is the final review of the Dreaming Swan and I now have a complete collection which pleases me a lot! ^.^

“Etude House Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek 9g

An eye shadow and blusher with a silky primer powder that gently covers up pores and provides a blurring effect for smooth cheeks and lovely eyes. Eyeshadow/Blusher with sliky primer powder covering tiny pore softly to make smoothly blurred cheeks and clear fresh eyes makeup.

1. Bright and clear colors: Blended colors by ‘Wet & Dry Color Tech’ to express gorgeous and clear colors.

2. Powder controlling sebum: Fine particle powder that excellently blots oil prevents greasy skin to express smooth skin without pores outstanding.

3. Silkily hydrating powder: The powder improves absorption into skin with ‘Wetting Forming Tech’ to enable smooth and natural makeup.

#01 Jeté Pink, #02 Point Coral, #03 Arabesque Rosy, #04 Relevé Purple, #05 En Haut Pink

How to Use
After applying a certain amount onto puff gently dab onto cheek area that protrudes when smiling.”(1)

The outer packaging for this product is super cute and looks hand-drawn! It’s quite minimalistic for Etude House in all honesty, it’s cute, but not something I feel like I need to hold on to.

Each shade comes with its own absolutely adorable Tutu style puff! This is the cutest thing ever, even if I will probably never ever use them to apply this blush because I never want them to get dirty. Etude House decided to change the puff for the second production of these products (WHY ETUDE HOUSE WHY) and they removed the tutu! I’m unbelievably disappointed.

Even though the tins are really cute, the paint scrapes off really quickly. The top of the tins have stickers on which are going to peel quite quickly too. They’re not the most robust in terms of packaging, and they’re really quite bulky too! There’s a visible gap between the side of the tin and the blush pan, so I may end up trying to pry the blushes out of the tins anyway!

 1: Jeté Pink
Jeté Pink is a gorgeous soft, warm toned pink with light silver shimmer.

I absolutely love that the names of the shades are represented in dance form in the embossed patterns! Jeté literally means “thrown” in French, and comes in many forms including Grand Jeté (pictured here) Petit Jeté and Jeté Ordinaire.

Jeté Pink is a subtle pale pink with silver shimmer. It’s really sheer and pale, even on my skin tone, so I really do need to pack it on to get the colour visible.

These blushes are so nice to use and surprisingly not chalky at all! I only need two layers of this super cute pink to build up a natural looking flush.

2: Pointe Coral
Pointe Coral is a lovely soft orange shade with a subtle silver shimmer.

Pointe refers to the pointe shoes worn by dances in order to stand comfortably (or as comfortably as possible!) on the tips of their toes.

Pointe Coral is definitely more orange than it is coral, and the silver shimmer is barely noticeable. This shade is quite sheer as well

It shows up quite well on my skin, but it’s not really my favourite shade. I find that orange shades make my skin look quite yellow, but it’s still a lovely colour!

 3: Arabesque Rosy
Arabesque Rosy is a vibrant burnt red shade with subtle pink glitter.

An Arabesque is a position in ballet where the dancer stands on one leg and has the other extended behind them. I really like that this shade has the Dreaming Swan logo embossed as well! ^.^

This shade is super vibrant, it’s a rich burnt red with tiny pink glitters! This shade is super easy to go overboard with because its so pigmented!

Arabesque Rosy is actually one of my surprise favourites out of the shades! It has a burnt red colour, but looks really gorgeous any rosy on my cheeks, like I’ve been out in the cold! This is my first experience with a blush of this colour, and I’m really impressed!

4:Relevé Purple
 Reléve Purple is a subtle cool toned purple shade with no shimmer.
A Relevé is when you lift up onto Demi-Pointe or Pointe just like the embossed picture! ^.^

This shade is quite sheer too so I do need apply a couple of layers to get a nice wash of colour.

The colour isn’t as scary on the cheeks as it is in the pan or even the arm swatch, it looks quite pink on the cheeks! There is a faint purple colour on the cheeks, but it’s not like actually having purple cheeks (which would be kinda weird).

5: En Haut Pink

En Haut Pink is an amazing peachy pink with gold shimmer, similar to NARS Orgasm Blush, but with more subtle glitter!

It’s so pretty!

En Haut is a gorgeous colour that I can imagine would be flattering on most skin tones! It’s a little pinker and less glittery than NARS Orgasm, but it’s still quite a good comparison.

En Haut Pink gives me a really gorgeous wash of colour that can be really subtle and natural, but can also be built up to a lovely flush!

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What I Love
– Insanely adorable tutu puffs
– Silky smooth powder
– Some great pigmented shades
– Long lasting
– Inexpensive
What I Don’t Love
– Bulky tin packaging
– Paint scratches off the tin and the stickers peel off
– They got rid of the tutu puffs!
Final Thoughts

I absolutely adore these blushers! I wouldn’t really use them as eyeshadow or eyeliner because pink shades make me look like I have pink eye (brutal honesty). All five of the shades look lovely on my skin tone, though I can imagine that a lot of them will not look as flattering on darker skin tones. I was really impressed by the silky texture of these products, they’re much nicer than a lot of other blushes that I own and for a fraction of the price! I really wish Etude House kept the tutu style puff design and I think they could have designed the packaging a little better because it’s going to look awful in a couple of months just from wear and tear, but I absolutely love these blushes!

I would definitely recommend grabbing these Eye and Cheek products if you can get your hands on them because they are absolutely gorgeous, especially if you can get the first production that include the tutu puff! ^.^


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