Park Bom Inspired Look Tutorial by Petit Poppy

Here is the Park Bom inspired look that I promised to do, I hope you will like it ! This one is an everyday smokey look, she has different style of makeup, sometime she doesn’t use eyeshadow, sometime it’s a colorful look, I will try to recreate them in the future ^_^.

Step 1
Wear circle lenses, either brown or grey color, not too big (about 14,5mm).
Tip for bigger eyelids
I used eyetaps 30 minutes before doing the tutorial, you can use half of an eyetap on each eye and remove it before applying the makeup, or you can also use double lid glue but it may look obvious ~

Step 2
Prime your eyelids and apply a matte flesh or peachy color on your whole lids.

Step 3
Take a shimmery champagne color and apply it on your mobile eyelids.

Step 4
Take a shimmery dark brown eyeshadow and apply it on the outer V corner of your eyes up to your crease.

Step 5
Bring the same dark brown color to half of your lower lids.

Step 6
Take a black gel liner, draw a thick line, extend it and draw a wing.

Step 7
Connect your wing to the lower lid, don’t make it too “round”, as you can see, the corner is kind of pointy.

Step 8
Take a small brush and blend the edges.

Step 9 (optional)
Apply a silver liquid liner.

Step 10
Curl your lashes, apply your mascara and falsies.

Step 11
Redefine your eyebrows, draw them as straight as possible.

Step 12
Apply a peachy blush on your cheeks and a peachy lipstick.
Done !

Products used

Etude House Dream on powder


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