Little Porcelain Princess: Review: Etude House Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact and Brush


Today I’m going to be reviewing the Etude House Veiling Pact and Brush! The Dreaming Swan line was created in collaboration with the Australian designer Kerrie Hess, and includes the Veiling Pact and Brush, Lipstick, Blush, Eye Volumers and Nail Polish. The Veiling Pact was very generously provided for review by Cosmetic Love, and I purchased the Brush myself from Cosmetic Love! ^.^

“Etude House Dreaming Swan Veil Pack SPF 25 PA++ 9g – $13.24
A pact that naturally covers up a dull complexion for smooth and bright skin all day long. Dreaming Swan Collection by Etude House X Kerrie Hess. A veiling pact that naturally covers dark area and keeps skin smooth and bright all day long.

1. Peppy bright skin: ‘White Shimmer Powder’ of transparent particles reflects glow to vitalize skin and naturally covers dull skin tone with peach color.

2. Instantly smooth skin: ‘Line Smoothing Powder’ of tiny and silky texture is filled in pores and skin layers to provide smooth skin instantly.

3. Long-lasting smooth skin: Sebum-absorption controlling powder blots sebum preferentially to keep skin hydrated but not greasy for long.

How to Use
Apply a certain amount onto face with puff by lightly dabbing and gently press onto curvy areas.”(1)

This absolutely gorgeous pink powder pact houses an extremely pale pressed powder embossed with pointe shoes and the Dreaming Swan logo. It also has a mirror in the cap, a divider for the puff to sit on for hygiene and of course a bow clad powder puff!

This Veiling Powder is rather opaque and pale for a universal setting powder! It’s designed to naturally cover up a dull complexion for smooth and bright skin using “White Shimmer Powder”. This powder is near enough to my own skin tone that it doesn’t make my skin look chalky, but I can imagine that a fair few people would not be able to use this powder as it’s not truly translucent.

This powder sits quite heavily on my skin, I don’t find that it blurs my pores or makes my skin look silky smooth, but it also doesn’t enhance my pores and uneven skin. It does however make all of the fine hair on my face stand out rather weirdly, and makes my skin look quite powdery.

This powder has incredibly oil control! “Sebum-absorption controlling powder blots sebum preferentially to keep skin hydrated but not greasy for long.” I’m not sure about the powder keeping my skin hydrated, but it does an absolutely wonderful job at keeping my skin oil free/ish! I still have a little bit of oil in the T-Zone which is normal, but it’s much, much better than any other powder I’ve tried before.

“Etude House Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact Brush – $9.93

A face brush with gentle bristles that lightly brush powder onto face with its delicate touch that reaches even curved areas. 1. Natural clear skin expression: A brush only for powder texture to avoid powder smudged and help applied lightly and evenly. 2. Soft touch & delicate absorption: Fine and soft material with slightly cut edge helps applying even curved areas. 3. Bristles protection with Brush Tutu: Lovely brush tutu included to protect bristles falling out or damaged.

How to Use
Apply a certain amount onto brush and lightly sweep onto face. 2. Lightly touch onto curved areas such as sides of nose and around lips with tip of brush.”(2)

This brush is absolutely gorgeous! The brush comes safely housed in a pink mesh tutu to protect the super soft pink bristles. The pale pink handle also has a rose gold barrel which is so princessy! I was SO glad that this brush was gorgeously soft, because when I purchased the Princesses Etoinette Brush set they were very very scratchy and also won’t stop smelling like wet goat which is super gross. This brush is 100% better than the Etoinette brushes.

I believe that this brush is designed to apply the Veiling Pact, but I find that the brush picks up too much product for my skin. I would waste so much product picking it up and tapping it off, that I’m just much better off using a different brush. However, it works gorgeously for applying blush, and even better for bronzing!

What I Love
– Gorgeous packaging
– Functional products and packaging
– Veiling Pact provides fantastic oil control
– Veiling Pact Brush is gorgeously soft
– Veiling Pact Brush picks up powder and distributes it well
What I Don’t Love
– Limited Edition!
– The Veiling Pact is too pale for darker skintones
– The Veiling Pact doesn’t blur pores
– The Veiling Pact enhances fine hair on face
– The Veiling Pact can make the base look thicker or cakier
Final Thoughts

The Veiling Pact is honestly a little bit of an average product. I say this mostly because it only comes in one shade, and it’s very, very fair. It makes darker skin look incredibly chalky, and it does make my skin look quite cakey unless I’m very careful about how much I apply. Having said that, it has amazing oil control, fits my skintone well, and comes in gorgeous and functional packaging. I definitely recommend it for any Princesses that have fair skin, don’t mind a little cakey skin, and are wanting great oil control!

I absolutely adore the Veiling Pact Brush, there is honestly nothing that I don’t like about it! It’s amazing adorable with the tutu cover, and the bristles are super soft (unlike the awful Etoinette ones) and it’s a good desgin to pick as a stand alone brush as it can be used for a variety of different things!

Thank you so much to Cosmetic Love for sending me the Veiling Pact to review! ^.^ You can still purchase the Veiling Pact from Cosmetic Love!


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