Lioele – Skin Fix Powder Pact Review by Venla aka Wen


LIOELE Skin Fix Powder Pact (for oily skin)

 Hello~ ♥ Sorry for not updating earlier, I meant to do it yesterday but I was too tired to go to the computer in the midnight after coming home.. ButTGIF for now! So, last week I received a packet from my beloved Cosmetic Love, this time this ah-so-sweet Skin Fix powder pact by Lioele!

This is how the package looked. So pink and ornamental, typical Lioele XD
Cosmetic Love includes some free product samples with every purchase (and sponsored deliveries like in my case), I got these Skinfood facial creams! I would’ve preferred a tanning lotion instead of whitening, though XD I always look so pale compared to my friends and schoolmates x____x
The design really reminds me of Cinderella or something, eyecandy~♥


Yeah, I got the oil control type because my face tends to get pretty oilyduring the day. There’s also a version of this for dry skin.

The coverage is also great, I usually use this to cover the red areas of the nose after bb cream and it works perfectly! So I could easily recommend this to anyone with oily skin.
 Another close-up of the texture:
 Blended (on BB cream):
Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥
Wow, long time no five stars! I have to admit that the oil control is impressive, only a little sweep will take the oiliness away immediately but still doesn’t make it look cakey. At least I haven’t noticed any drying-effects so far (which is sadly often the flipside of oil control powders) but I’m not sure with people with less oily skin than mine.


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