Laneige – Light Balancing Emulsion Review by MangoRabbitRabbit

Hiya Dollies!!
Every girl is out there looking for the perfect moisturizer, RIGHT?!?!?! Okay. First of all, a BILLION thanks to all those sweetie pies out there commenting on how good my skin condition is! Actually I really want to say it’s all about sleeping lots, eating healthy, and exercising. BUT! Sometimes we can’t always keep up with those habits especially with the demands life puts on us…*sigh* such is life!!
To those of you asking what daily moisturizer I use, I’m going to tell you guys since I heart you so much. It’s theLaneige Balancing Emulsion. I hardly review skincare because I find it’s so hard to capture the before and after effect of skincare products on picture (unlike makeup). But I ran out of the emulsion, and Cosmetic Love was so nice to gift me another one!! I specifically picked the Light Balancing Emulsion this time, because my skin is SUPER OILY and in anticipation for the humid spring/summer months, a lighter moisturizer tend to be non-sticky yet hydrating!
It’s a lightweight emulsion (Korean version of moisturizer) with a watery, almost gel-like consistency. I slap this over my face after washing and applying toner. If you have oily skin like me, this may be all that you need – if you have dry skin, you may want to follow up with another lotion or cream to lock in the moisture (but that will be wayyyy too heavy for me and I tend to break out if I layer on too many heavy products 🙁
Just to show you how much I love this emulsion – I’ve gone through sooo many bottles of this it really is my Holy Grail moisturizer!!! In comparison to the Moisture Balancing Emulsion (use in drier months / winter), the Light Balancing Emulsion is totally suitable for humid climates, and/or the hotter summer months – it’s hydrating yet doesn’t leave a sticky film on your face (the last thing you want in the summer!) It also smells really refreshing!!!!
I also LOVE how it comes in a dispenser pump bottle (as opposed to the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack which is a tub….), so much more hygenic! One pump is all your need for your entire face, it comes out as a milky, gel-like texture and is super easy to spread (feels good too!) and when it’s fully spread out, it will leave NO sticky residue or film on your face – your skin just drinks it in like water! (look at how dry my hand was in the first pic vs the 3rd…)
You can buy the Laneige Light Balancing Emulsion HERECosmetic Love was super nice to ship out the item REALLY FAST – within a week of ordering! They are based in Korea, so shipping took exactly 21 days (3 weeks) to get to Toronto. I got a tracking number too, and Luna is always reachable via email and is super quick with responses.
There are lots of online stores which offer Korean makeup items, but I found Cosmetic Love to be a rare one who offers high quality skincare items like Laneige at a super reasonable price! They also carry the same moisturizer for sensitive skin – so you have loads of choices when shopping there.
If you live in Canada, there are also department stores which carry Laneige products, but be prepared to pay tax (ugh) on top of the actual pricetag. Shopping online will save you the trouble of physically going to the store in any icestorms, and will be more affordable (since Laneige items are made in Korea, and is shipped with NO TAX!)
If you’re interested, feel free to browse around the Cosmetic Love store HERE – they also carry soooo many makeup items, suncare, accessories, hair/body products (even for men!) And they are consistently having sale or special promotions!



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