Korean Celebrity Lipstick Favorites


1. Soo-jin Park 



Sujin Park, who is also well know for her part in “Tasty Road” is famous for the love of her Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks. In this photo, she is wearing one of the Rouge Volupte lipsticks from YSL which is known to pretty good.



2. Suzy



Suzy is just a darling goddess. I mean, look at her she is simply stunning! *looks at self in mirror, sobs in corner*…Suzy’s go-to lipstick is the Black Label Lipstick in #116 Flower Pink from The Face Shop. This color will brighten your face, bring out those eyes and make you look beautiful.


3. Jae-kyung from Rainbow


Jae Kyung is a natural beauty addict. In Get it Beauty 2014 episode 2, you can see how she even makes her own skin care products — that’s dedication right there! 🙂 In this photo, she is wearing a lipstick from the Shu Uemura’s My Dear Matte collection which was a limited edition. I’d say not a lot of people can pull off white skin & red lips but sure Jae Kyung can rock them red lippies!


Hyoyeon from SNSD


Hyo yun’s straight shaped eye brows are on point! It was  said that after she changed the shape of her eyebrows from an arch to a straight line, she started getting more people’s attention. She says she loves using Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Brow Kit.


Lee Ha-nui


Lee Hani’s holy grail face cream is the 9 Complex Cream from Guerisson, which was also aired on Get it Beauty 2015. It’s also very popular in Korea right now. “Mayu” or horse oil (I know, it may sound kinda gross) is said to have very similar fat components as humans. As a result, just a small amount of the Mayu cream can leave your skin feeling extremely moisturized. It works for both dry & oily skin as it products a very moist glow to the skin. In addition, the cream is said to help balance the dry & oily areas of your skin which is a big plus for combination skin.


Source – Naver Post


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