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Review { KARADIUM – Sticks shadow }

Hello everyone !
FINALLY a cosmetic review.  These products were sent to me by Cosmetic-Love
I applied to be a beauty reviewer among a lot of other bloggers, and I was chosen as one of their 1st beauty
 blogger C: ! So, let’s get right into the review.
I got 7 sticks to review.
From left to right:
Black – Brown – Khaki – Green – Blue – P.Blue – B.Purple
The stick is about 11cm.
The product itself is about 3cm, you can get the product out by turning the metallic part at the end of the 
stick. And also, be careful when you open the cap, you don’t want to break the tip of the pen 🙂
Swatches on Eyes
I applied Too Faced eyeshadow primer before using the stick shadow.
I really like this one, I think it’s one of my favorite because I like nude and skin colors, I don’t like anything 
too flashy or colorful so, this one is perfect :). I apply it on my lid directly from the stick, and blend with my 
finger. You can use a brush if you want but it blends really well with fingers !
The color is really pretty, I thought it would be more pigmented though, but the khaki is rather discrete, or Ijust didn’t rub it hard enough LOL, light colors would work well as a base for your eye makeup 🙂
I hope you can see the difference between this one and the previous one LOL.
Khaki is a deep green, Green has a yellowy undertone 🙂
This one is actually really dark, I didn’t have to apply it like crazy, I just had to run the stick on my lid and it 
was really pigmented. It looks black (more like daaaark grey) if you apply several layers, oh by the way it’s 
only 1 layer on each picture.
This color is REALLY pigmented and really bright, it looks absolutely fantastic. This is perfect for a beach
makeup or a holiday makeup near the beach. You can wear it under your eye, on the waterline, it works like
 a white or pearl liner, it opens and your eyes up 🙂
The previous blue has a greenish undertone to it, this blue has a purple undertone, that’s why it is called 
P(urple).Blue I guess. It is less pigmented than Blue, it’s a great alternative to the latter one as P.blue is not 
that bright.
My second favorite one, the color is gorgeous, it reminds me of my old hair color -sobs-. I’m wearing green
 lenses here because purple and green go well together haha. It it not too bright and it makes your lids look 
shiny and really pretty. Shiny, not oily.
Here are some bonus pictures of B.purple 🙂
I created this look by using Brown, Black, B.Purple, I blended everything with my fingers, no brushes 
needed 🙂
Swatches on Hands
Pictures taken with the flash on.
Here is how the sticks look like if I apply several layers.
From left to right
Black – Khaki – Green – Brown
Left to right
Blue – P.Blue – B.Purple
Water resistance test
1. I didn’t do anything special, just drew a weird heart shape thing on my hand.
2. I ran water over my hand, it didn’t smudge, didn’t move, didn’t fade.
3. I used my finger and rubbed it about 10x on a circular motion.
=> Semi-waterproof, it’s actually waterproof as long as you don’t touch it, it will not disappear but it will 
smudge everywhere on your eyes and you don’t want that LOL.
– Comes in 12 different colors.
– Easy to apply, easy to blend.
– Long lasting, it started to crease after 4 hours, and it creased just a tiny little bit, 
you almost can’t see it.
– It is pigmented.
– Waterproof (kind of)
– Great if you like shimmers
– Works well as a base to your makeup.
– The packaging is simple but pretty, it’s not too thick and easy to handle.
So so
– It sets, it means that you should blend right after applying it.
– You end up with a lot of glitters around your eyes even after removing it LOL
I hope you liked the review !

Get it here !

Have a nice week 😀


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