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This CC cream was sent to me by cosmetic-love as a part of their 1st beauty testers. It’s been two months since they sent this and unfortunately it was sent to a wrong address and I manage to contact the person to sent the parcel to me. She was busy until two weeks ago where this CC cream finally arrived to me safely.
It’s totally my fault as I forgot to update my profile details and just the time that I realize that, they already sent the item.
Too bad that this brand already discontinued from cosmetic-love. I’m not sure why they delete the brand but for future information, I’ll update this post. Anyway, since it’s already here, why not a review? I’ve tried this for these past two weeks every time I went out. Even my sister recognize that I’m wearing a different make up.
Before I wrote the review thoroughly, here are some of the product information you might wanted to know.
Product Information
Name : Karadium Luster Base Color Control Cream SPF30PA++
Brand : Karadium Professional
Production : Made in Korea
Type : Color-changing CC cream
Price : 48,000 won (approx. RM148)
Their packaging reminds of Chanel so much.
I’m sorry that the box is horrible-looking as it was shipped two times..
Karadium words are written all over the inner box.
Most of the details written are in Korean. Sorry that I’m not able to translate them. 
Thankfully the ingredients are written in English and it was reaaally long too!
This CC cream came in a squeeze tube.
Mineral oil free! yeay 
Could you see the dark tiny bits there?
It’s a color changing CC cream means that it will change it’s color according to your skin tone. I guess the dark tiny bits are the caused for the color changing.
You can see that my skin color changed from dull to brighter looking skin!
The CC cream also cover some minor flaws and redness as well as my big pores 
This is my first time trying a color-changing CC cream and it is an expensive brand too! 

I would say it rather satisfies me with the result because it is very good.

This CC cream came in a white color and when you rub it, it simply change color to your skin tone which made me really happy.

There is a faint smell which is similar to Nature Republic Tinted CC cream that I ever tried.
It smell organic? I guess..but it is wouldn’t last longer.

The CC cream also contain  no mineral oil which I should be thankful coz it won’t clogged my pores and won’t cause breakout too (Indeed I never had any break outs from this)

The finish is moist which I thought it won’t cause my make-up to be a mess even after a long hour (because of my oily skin)

Although it is only a base make up, I can go out just with this because it already cover some of minor flaws and corrected my skin color enough for me to feel confident. Although I really don’t recommend for you to go out just with this because this CC cream is not enough to last long for the whole day.

I could say that this CC cream (alone) can stay about 3-4 hours on face without added with powders on top. I also have tried using this for my base make up and the level is comparable to my favorite make up primer because it makes my make-up stay longer and even if I dab my oily face with tissues after a long hour, I can still see that my make-up is still intact.

Overall, I really love this CC cream and my sister(which is a bit darker than me) looks great with it 
You should give it a try ~!

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