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Innisfree Green Tea

I am a big fan of natural skin care products. The thought of slathering a tonne of chemicals on my face just grosses me out. Hence why I also keep my skincare regime light and quick…well I try to. 
I went through a phase of trying out so many different skincare products to control a small amount of acne, that in the end it actually made it a lot worse. I ended up with horrible cystic acne. 
Though it wasn’t as severe as others it was still not a very pleasant experience. I have learned my lesson, I no longer switch up my skincare regime all the time. Now I  stick to what I know is best for my skin.
Do not get me wrong, my skin is far from perfect. I still get frequent break outs, but they are no longer as severe.
So today I am here to rave about the Innisfree Green Tea line. I do not use the whole line as I feel that it is too much for my skin and quiet unnecessary. I am not going to explain my whole skincare regime. Let’s save that for another post. For now, I will just inform you about Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum, Green Tea Seed Cream & the Green Tea Pure Deep Cream.
This is actually my second bottle of the Green Tea Seed Serum. I honestly do not think there is any other serum out there for me. I apply the serum first thing in the morning after I have cleansed my skin. It’s so light and the scent just wakes you up. It has a fresh scent I can’t quiet describe. It is easily absorbed into the skin and it feels as if my skin is just drinking it up. Afterwards, I apply my spot treatment and my eye cream. For my final step for morning skincare, I will use the Green Tea Pure Deep Cream. I dip my finger’s into the jar, pick up a small amount and add my sunscreen to it. Mix it up and apply it to my face. It makes my skin feel well moisturized and protected for the day.
The Green Tea Seed Cream I only use during the night as it is very rich and feels so luxurious. I also use this in the final steps of skincare after I have done everything else to my skin. I do not apply it every night, but only when I feel my skin can use a little extra help. It is especially useful for facial massages as it makes your skin feel so velvety soft and smooth. So much so I wish I could just rub it all over…but that would be pretty expensive.
As you can see the packaging is pretty simple. Although, I wish that the two cream’s were both in pumps like the serum as it would be more hygienic that dipping you finger’s into a jar. However, there is a plus for the packaging as there is a little stamp that goes onto each product that states how much percentage of the ingredients organic. You can’t quiet see but all 3 products have the 100% stamp woohoo! 
You can barely see the first swatch, but that is the Green Tea Seed Serum. It is very lightweight and very hydrating.
The second swatch is the Green Tea Seed Serum. The consistency is light but provides so much hydration. Not forgetting to mention the fact that it makes your skin feel so AMAZING!
The third swatch is the Green Tea Pure Deep Cream. It has a thicker consistency, though is absorbed fairly quickly. It provides enough hydration for those cold winter days. Though you may want to ditch this for the lighter option of the Green Tea Pure Cream for the hot summer days
I love the Innisfree Green Tea range, they are just so gentle and very refreshing. One of the main reasons I actually tried the brand out is because of Yoona from So Nyuh Shi Dae…I love her and she is so flawless. So I thought why not give Innisfree a go, seeing as she’s the face of Innisfree.
I have tried out the Green Tea Pure Skin, Green Tea Pure Lotion & Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack. I’ll admit they are good, but unnecessary steps in the regime so I stopped using them. Though I am using the Sleeping Pack from time to time as I have a little tester tube I’m trying to finish. It does give my skin the extra layer of hydration during the night, which leaves me with happy skin in the morning. So I may repurchase the sleeping pack and I know for sure that I will continue to repurchase the other 3 as they are my skin care staples <3
However, there is a little problem. As Innisfree is a South Korean brand it is a little costly and difficult to get your paws on. They are easily available online, just the delivery time is a little irritating. So is you’re planning on repurchasing, make sure you order them before you run out.
Make sure to check out …they carry the Innisfree brand and lot of their lines along with a tonne of other amazing South Korean skincare and cosmetic brands for a great price. Furthermore, obviously also check out Ebay. There are countless sellers on there selling Innisfree and sometimes they send out free samples with purchases WIN!
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