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Holika Holika Petit Clearing BB Cream [Review]


Dear readers,

The Holika Holika BB cream was the first ever Korean BB cream that I have ever tried in my life, and I must admit that I am completely sold! I am never going back to Western style BB creams ever again (I think so, at least)

The Holika Holika BB cream comes in 4 different types: Clearing, Essential, Moisture and Shimmering.

I chose to get the Clearing one because it has Aloe Vera extracts and so it is beneficial to the skin. This BB cream is excellent for those people who have oily and/or acne prone skin. It also counteracts the redness that you might have to give out a flawless base for your makeup.

It comes in a small squeezy tube (it holds 30ml of product) with a screw on cap and a nozzle. The packaging is really cute too! Even though the tube is on the smallish side, you only need a tiny amount and it spreads easily without the need of buffing it in with a foundation brush.

To my knowledge, this didn’t give me a greyish tinge and it didn’t give me a white cast in photographs.

It also has SPF30 in it so this is excellent to use both in Winter and Summer days.

It gives light to medium coverage.

Something that I also really love about this is its smell – it smells lovely.

To test this out, I applied this without any primers and without setting it with powder (something which I NEVER do since my t-zone is so oily). I applied it around 10:30am and I was so thrilled to see that by around 6/7pm my face was still oil free. I have never ever in my life came across a product like this before.

The only downside I can think of is that there is only 1 shade available, which thankfully matched my skin quite well, if not perfectly.

And it is so cheap compared to Western market BB Creams! This cost me the total of Euro 6.24 (with free shipping) from Cosmetic Love  or you can get it easily from E-Bay.

try understanding that! o_O

no flash

with flash
blended – with flash

blended – no flash

Have you ever tried a Korean BB cream?



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