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Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

Hi everybody! I will be reviewing Holika Holika’s Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream in #2 Aqua Natural! This review was kindly sponsored by cosmetic-love, but all of my opinions are 100% honest. To read my previous review, click here!

Cosmetic-love is an online store that sells Korean cosmetic, skincare, and beauty products for affordable prices! They also offer international free shipping, which is amazing! They also constantly have promotions and sales, so check them out!

Website: http://cosmetic-love.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CosmeticLoves?ref=hl

The package was shipped on December 29th, and arrived at my doorstep on January 16th! Shipping took approximately two weeks, which is what I have expected. ^^ The two items that I was allowed to pick were packaged in a small cardboard box~

The items inside were packaged neatly and safely! Both were nicely bubble-wrapped and there was absolutely no damage at all.

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I’m very excited to have the opportunity to review this bb cream! I’ve seen many bloggers and Youtubers rave about this, so I thought I would like to see what the hype was all about~

The bb cream came in super cute packaging! Here are pictures of all of the sides:

When I opened the box, I saw the bb cream as well as an included sponge!

The bb cream! The packaging makes it looks like jelly or pudding! The bb cream comes in a matte glass jar~

What’s on the bottom:

It looks a bit disgusting on the inside haha! But I can assure that this bb cream is quite awesome~

The texture of this bb cream is very liquidy! It feels very light, like water! Because of it’s texture, it’s easy to blend into your skin~ At first, the bb cream looks quite scary since it looks super yellow, but after you blend it out it turns into a more pinkish tone.

Here is the comparison between the bb cream and my hand:

As you can see, the bb cream is actually lighter than my actual skin tone! This doesn’t bother me too much, since I like bright looking skin, but I was surprised when my friend told me that I look pale. So when I use this bb cream I would put a little bit of blush or maybe a little bit of bronzer around the sides of my face.

Now the bb cream on my face~ (sorry for the makeup-less photo haha!)

(taken with flash) Without flash, taking pictures with only one half of my face with bb cream shows no difference. With flash however, you can clearly tell the difference. Under natural lighting though, it’s quite alright.

With bb cream on~


What I liked: This bb cream is super light! When on, I don’t feel like it’s on my face~ It also stays for a full school day, which is awesome! It covers my redness and pores, which is really all I need unless I break out. ^^;;

It has an unique formula that I haven’t seen before – it jiggles in the jar! It’s also very refreshing on the skin – the “Aqua” part is definitely accurate!

I love the packaging! I think it’s super cute and well thought out. The spatula attached on the lid makes it easy to scoop out the bb cream from the jar and it’s a bit more hygienic than dipping fingers!

The smell is also quite delightful! My usual bb cream has a floral scent, which can get quite tiring. This bb cream is a bit more fruity~ The scent does go away after a few minutes after applying ^^

I really like how this bb cream is matte, with still a little bit of glow! It doesn’t completely flatten out my face, which is great!

What I disliked: Although it’s not too much of a problem, this bb cream is quite light for my skin, and I would prefer a third color that is a bit darker than the current shades.

This bb cream also offers light coverage: something that is good to hide redness but not enough to cover blemishes. I would definitely recommend this bb cream to those who already have good skin and would like something to enhance it!

To me, this bb cream is not buildable. If I put too much on, this bb cream would emphasize dry patches and would look very powdery and unnatural. I would recommend this bb cream to those who have oily to combination skin!


I had a great experience with cosmetic-love! Messages were very prompt and kind! ^^ Their messages also end super nice, with them wishing me a wonderful day, which I think contributes to their overall customer service.

Shipping is also great! It did take two weeks for the package to arrive, which is average shipping time. I did really like how the items were arranged inside the box, with bubble-wrap and the little Styrofoam stars! Since one of my products is in glass packaging, it’s important that shipping has to be secure and safe.

Prices are also very reasonable and affordable! Young people, such as students, will have no problem with the price ranges – and free shipping definitely helps! The website is also very easy to navigate and there is a very wide range of products to browse from.

I definitely recommend cosmetic-love, as I had bought from their ebay store in the past and received great customer service and even a few samples in my package! ^^

Thank you for reading~

*This review is sponsored, but my opinions are 100% honest.*




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