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February favorites and regrets (2012)

Yaaaay my first favorites and regrets post ! Actually, I wanted to do it for January too but I didn’t know 
how to write the post so yeah. So I’m just going to show you some of my favorite products, not all of them, 
the list is actually long kekeke. (No particular order)

You can buy all of the products on Cosmetic Love ♥ :]


Etude House Nymph aura volumer  #2 Brilliant.
I’ve already made a post about this product, check it here 🙂

Etude House AC Clinic Acne Foam Cleanser
I’ve tried lots of cleansers, and none of them worked as well as this one ! I have
oily/combo acne prone skin, it means that my T-zone is really oily and I have acne problems, obviously. My
 skin tends to break out like crazy when i’m about to hit my (irregular) periods and when I miss them, I look
 like a calculator ._. … And this cleanser helped me a lot to control my acne issue, I still get pimples but not a lot and they are usually small. I highly recommend you this cleanser if you have acne problem !

Dr.Jart Silver label Rejuvenating BBcream

Etude House Sleeping Pack pore tightening
I don’t really use sleeping pack so I just wanted to try to see how it works ~ It comes in 3 variants, pore 
tightening (this one), moisturizing (pink tube) and brightening (white tube).
I chose the pore tightening one which is adapted to oily skin and enlarged pores, and it works really well ! I 
don’t know if it’s your case but, when I wake up, my T-zone and especially my nose, is really oily, and after 
I tried this product, I noticed that it wasn’t oily anymore (until I wash it off, but anyway XD). I had enlarged
 pores on my right cheek but they disappeared ! I don’t use the sleeping pack every nights but if you want to, 
please do so, no problemo 😀 
It smells really good and fresh and your skin feels fresh too when you apply it ! I want to try the one called
 Brightening, did you try it ? What do you think about it ? 😀

Etude House AC Clinic Red Spot Balm
The AC clinic line is adapted to acne prone skin, you definitely must try it if you have acne issue ! (The 
effectiveness depends on your skin too) Anyway ! You know, when a wild ugly big pimple appears on your 
face, it leaves a brownish mark/scar, and sometimes it won’t fade away >_< This product helps the mark to 
disappear, and I swear it works. I read lots of reviews about it, and it seems to work for most of the girls 
who used it. When I was about 12 I had ugly pimples all over my face, and they left marks everywhere,  but
 this product whitened them, and you can barely see them now, my face looks almost flawless with BBcream
 ♥  Just try it ! And tell me if it works for you 😀

AC Clinic Pink Daily spot (sample size)
So basically this product helps the new pimples to disappear more quickly but drying them out, use it in the
morning before your makeup. There is another one which has the same effect (AC Clinic Pink powder 
spot), the only difference is that you have to use it at night because it leaves a white spot. I’ll buy the full size
 when I run out of this one ~

Etude House Baby skin base, green 
I have some redness on my face and I just wanted to try a base that would cover it, I read that this one 
works pretty well, so I bought it…and I regretted. So, as you can see on the picture, It doesn’t cover 
anything, even if you use more of the product, but don’t do that, your face will look green x_x. So, it doesn’t 
hide the redness and it breaks me out ! At first I thought it was just a coincidence, and then I used it 
again…and i got pimples again =_=, so I just don’t use it anymore. But it may depends on your skin, mine 
doesn’t  like it :C.

Etude House Dr. Oil BB Lotion
Again, I read that it works very well, it has a good control sebum etc. But this product doesn’t work for me 
at all. It’s not a BBcream so it covers nothing as you can see on the pic, my skin just look a bit more 
powdery and white but that’s all. The oil control is not that good, my skin gets oily after 3-4 hours, some 
people say 6-7 hours but it depends on yours too ~ And the reason why I don’t use it anymore, it is because 
it breaks me out. My skin is not dry, and the product is liquidy, but when I apply it, my face is all flaky and it 
doesn’t look pretty at all x_x. The only good thing is that it mattify your skin pretty well.
So that’s all for the moment, school starts next week, so I will only update on week ends and maybe on 
Wednesdays TT_TT. 
Bye bye ♥






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