Gold Coating Facial Cream


This is the official poster from O&Young. You can’t really tell much looking at the box. It looks like some normal product. But wait till you see the product!!

O&Young is back with a new product called: “Gold Coating Facial Cream”.

Yes, you read it right. I’m sure you have seen our previous post: 24K Gold Nose Pack and might have guessed what I am going to say next. O&Young beauty product is gold theme base. Thankfully, all of the products are not that expensive are very affordable for all of us.

Did you see that the cream is Gold in color? It might feel really good to be pampered using Gold coated products.

We have yet to do a review of the product of our own but do check out the other official product posters that we found below;

We are going to get samples of their product for the product review. So do stay tune for it.

If there is any product you would like us to sell or to do a review of, do let us know.

P.s We are a wholesale distributor of many Korean Beauty Products based in Seoul. If you are looking for the wholesale supplier you can send us a message too.


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