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I was under an acne attack recently.My skin is oily and acne is not new for me.Last time it was acne vulgaris and it left behind a few blemishes and big pores.Most of you will be looking out for products to minimise pores.After a long search,I finally found an effective product thats pretty cute and cheap.It’s the Etude House Wonder Pore Corrector.

Say goodbye to blemishes and enlarged pores with Etude House Wonder Pore Corrector! This lightweight gel-type essence quickly penerates into pores, removing impurities and sebum to minimse the appearance of large pores. 2 natural ingredients work synergistically to control oil secretion, maintaining a clear complexion:
Tannin: extracted from wine from Cotes du Rhone
Anti Pore-Dex Complex II: contains extract from flowers, effectively eliminating dirt hiding in pores.
This pore treatment features Etude House’s highly raved 7-in-1 Total Pore Solution:
  • Deep cleansing
  • Controls excessive sebum production
  • Tightens pores
  • Makes skin bright and resilient
  • Restores elastic skin tone
  • Moisturising without greasiness
  • pH balanced, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Free from harsh chemical ingredients.
Price: $14.40 for 25ml

Where to buy: take on the product:The product comes in a sky blue packaging which has hints of pale yellow and red.It comes with a box and the tube inside it.All the wonder pore range comes in the same kind of packaging.The packaging is cute and classy.The outer box comes with detailed instructions and information.It has a sleek slim tall squeezable tube inside the box and the tagline is I am the wonder woman for your pores.

It has a silver coloured coated shiny cooling tip which helps to spread the product easily.Its a good applicator.

The product is in a light weight gel essence like texture.It is mild and gentle.It is moist and gives a cooling sensation on application.

The product can be applied to the T-zone or to the areas of face where the pores are bigger.I applied to my cheeks since I have visible pores around that area.The scent is pleasant and refreshing.

I am still with the first tube and so much product is left in it for use.It really works in reducing the pores.The pores appear shrunk with continuous regular use.The skin looks smooth and less oily.The effect lasted for 5 to 6 hours and I had to reapply during the day time.I usually leave this on my face overnight after following CTM routine.

More Pics:
  • Effective in oil control
  • No parabens & preservatives
  • Cooling tip
  • Acts as a spot treatment
  • Multi purpose
  • 7 in 1 benefits
  • True to its claim
  • Travel Friendly
  • Good packaging
  • For the price,you get a decenty quantity.
  • Pretty Cheap compared to high end products
  • Only little amount is needed per use
  • Long lasting
  • Reduces Pores


  • Contains alchohol
  • Doesnt work well if you use a moisturiser
  • Can be too drying for certain skin types

Cooling sensation disappears in few minutes.

It may last for 2 to 3 hours in hot humid climate when you are going out.Reapplication may be required.



I recommend this to everyone who are searching a solution for pores.I cant comment if it works for dry skin.It works great for oily,normal,sensitive and combination skin type.

Rating: 4.7/5

Will I repurchase: Yes.I am getting my second tube soon.

Final WordIt really works.Do give it a try and you wont be disappointed.Thank you Etude House for this wonderful product.-My skin savior.Since it controls oil,I was able to keep the acne at bay.It doesn’t work miracles in an overnight.Use it regularly and you will start noticing the difference.Disclaimer : Product sent by Cosmetic Love for review purpose.!00 % Honest Review
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