Etude House – Tear Drop Liner Review by Petit Poppy

Hello ladies ~ Here is the first review sponsored by Cosmetic Love, again, thank you very much !
You must check their website out, they are super fast, it took 1 week and 4 days to arrive here ♥. At first,
they asked me to choose one item to review, and I told them that the Etude house tear drop liner in
white pearl, but they said that they will send me every colors that have, how kind ♥


Cosmetic Love strive to provide our customers with the wide range of Korean cosmetic products from 
various Korea brands such as Laneige, Etude House, Tony Moly, Missha, Skinfood, TheFaceShop etc, 
and we are planning to exapnd our line-up of other beauty brands as well. All products are 100% 
GENUINE and recently produced as we purchase direct from the Korean retail shop and manufacturer.


Description of the product by Etude House:
Softly-applied tear drop liner makes a bright eye make up with natural crystal pearl and opal pearl 


So it’s basically an eyeliner used to highlight the eye area ^_^.


From left to right:
1. Shiny tear
2. Silver tear
3. Pearl tear
4. White tear
5. Sun light


(Not the same order sorry XD)
1. Shiny tear
2. Sun light
3. White tear
4. Pearl tear
5. Silver tear


You can really tell the difference on the pictures above, but I took some close up shoots, and because of the
lighting they all (almost) look the same XD, here are the pictures anyway:


Shiny tear


Silver tear


White tear


Sun light


Pearl tear


–  I like all of them ! The colors are really pretty, especially the pearl tear because depending on the angle,
the small glitters look either white or pearly/pinkish ♥
– It’s liquidy and dries quickly if it’s not too layered.
– The pearl tear one is very looooong lasting, I couldn’t take it off of my hand with water, I had to use a
makeup remover AND rub like crazy XD, even if you rub with your finger, it won’t disappear =w=, which is
something really good :), the other one are long lasting too, but not as long as the pearl tear ^_^.
-The brush is soft and thin, which makes the application easy ♥
– It’s a must if you want to achive an ulzzang look ♥
– I really like the glitters and shimmers ! It’s not, like, a white pencil eyeliner that makes a full white line; the
Etude House liner is shiny, it’s bling bling… well you know what I mean XD.


– It’s not a big deal but sometimes the glitters fall on your face, I really don’t mind, but just in case people
don’t want to have shiny things on their faces 🙂 ~
– It’s not waterproof :C …


I hope this review will help you !
Have a nice week end everyone ! ^__^


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