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So the product I chose as part of their reviewer’s program was the ‘Etude House Skin Mal:gem Smoother Toner’. This has been something that I’ve been wanting to try for ages and is quite a well known product from Etude House.

I’ve been a loyal customer of Cosemtic-love since I just love the site sooo much ^^The layout of the site is clean, simple and easy to navigate through and they have the best customer service as in every one of them are so nice and answer within 24 hours! Now that’s what I called efficiency~ But anyways, what I love more about the site is that they offer free international shipping, generous samples and huge variety of Korean Beauty Brands.

All the brands they offer

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And shipping is free, as I said before, which is a bonus! And the shipping is rather quick I must say.

How their delivery works
But yes, overall I just really enjoy buying from this site so definitely check the site out!
Okay, now let’s move on to the actual review of the product! ^^
Brand: Etude House
Name: Etude House Skin Mal:gem Smoother Tone
Color: White, transparent bottle with clear liquid
Amount: 250ml (8.45 fl. oz)
Price on Cosmetic-Love: SALE atm- $17.94 USD (click here)

The product is part of the famous ‘mal:gem’ line of Etude House which is the Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness. There are 6 products in this line including 4 toners, 1 essence and 1 emulsion which is all catered to suit different skin types and conditions.
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The one I’ll be reviewing today is the exfoliation toner- the ‘Smoother’ in the line.
I think the packaging of the product is suppper cute and convenient. It’s made of plastic so don’t worry if you are clumsy like me because you won’t break it easily if you accidentally drop it haha XD
So this is the consistency of the toner when poured from the bottle. As you can see, it has a runny yet not too thin consistency which I absolutely love!~
After I blend out the toner a little. It is super easy to absorb into the skin. And it smells amazinnggg
So to use the product, I would dispense some of the toner onto a cotton pad since that helps the toner to exfoliate the dead skin cells on your skin ^^
Then just gently apply it to your cleansed face with the cotton pad.
Your face should feel really refreshed and tighter after using the toner and the cotton pad shouldn’t be completely dry yet ~
Tip of the day: Once or twice a week, I also like to use the toner with a compact mask for a diy facial treatment ~~
✿ Smells amazinggg
✿ Decent price for such a big bottle of product- would last me for months
✿ Great consistency- not too runny nor too thick
✿ Easy application- squeeze some out of the bottle
✿ Hygienic
✿ Exfoliates the skin nicely and removes dead skin cells
✿ Leaves skin soft and radiant
✿ Hasn’t caused any irritations or breakouts

✿ Contains alcohol which some people may dislike but I personally don’t mind
I absolutely loveee this amazing toner and would definitely recommend this to any one out there who is looking for a toner that would not only deep cleanse your face but also exfoliate your skin at the same time to create the dewy and soft skin look ^^ I personally like to store all my toners in the fridge since I have oily skin and when I apply toner that is cool, it controls the sebum produced on my skin and also gives my face a refreshed feel. 🙂 It will last for a long time and when I finish it, I will probably repurchase it but I would also like to try out some of the other toners in the Mal:gem line as I am super pleased with this product. I think I like this just as much as my Holy grail Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener Toner ><
So, have you guys used this toner before? If you have and liked it or disliked it, please leave a comment below so I know other people’s thoughts and opinions on this product! 🙂



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