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Collaboration Review : Etude House Rosy Tint Lips – Tea Rose

Hello, hello, hello blog! Long time no see (aaaaaaaaaagain). I’ve been busy with work and such. I stopped the temporary job at the bubble tea shop (such sad feels about this, I’m going to miss it a lot!!), but I also got a new job at a Monki store !! Will start in December, so now I have a lot of free time for blogging, lazying around, and studying at home! 
Todaaaaaay.. I’ll like to start out with apologizing for the not very good quality photos of myself, which will come later in the post. I’ve been postponing a lot of blogposts because I got off work at 8pm and the sun goes down around 4pm. Which means no good lights for selcas ><. Today I promised bff to get this review done, as we agreed to do these at the same time^^ BUT then it’s been freaking cloudy all day! Just my luck O_o .. Oh well, tried to save it a bit with my mini ringlight.. Ehh.. ANYWAY
On to the photos!! 
When BFF visited me in mid-october, I had ordered a few items from I placed the order on October 2nd and it arrived on October 11th, which was absolutely perfect timing, as it was the same day as BFF came over!! n_n
Two of the items I got were these Rosy Tints from Etude House! I chose the #7 Tea Rose for myself and the #8 After Blossom for the BFF! 
Check out her review of the After Blossom right here, on her blog (

Consistency: A bit thick and creamy. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I am used to tints which are very liquid and such (like the Etude House – Dear Darling Tint) so for me, it took a couple of trys before I got it to look nice. First time it did dry my lips a bit, but after I got my lipstick primer from Missha, everything lightened up.

Coverage: Pretty good! I didn’t choose the most bold color out of the bunch, since I just wanted a more natural one. And for that I think it’s perfect.

Scent: It has this rosy-scent (no big surprise due to the name), which I am not quite sure yet if I like or not. I like rose scents in general, but since it’s for the lips.. Hmm. Well, it’s not too overwhelming though!

Packaging: Really cute!! Love the box and the colors! Since I didn’t pick the most “girly” of all the colors, the tube isn’t the most interesting haha. I think the other tubes look pretty cute though, because of their color^^

Overall: All in all, I’m well-satisfied! I am regretting I didn’t get the “After Blossom” for myself too, it’s too gorgeous! Other than that, I’m thinking about “Sweet Poison” aswell. n_n

You can get the Rosy Tints here: – remember they have free shipping^^v

SELCA TIME!!! And I look super pale in these because of the light.. BUT it made me think, I should try to not get tanned next summer. Maybe it’s time to go all Korean and stay pale for awhile o: We’ll see!


 The tint on my hand! (well duh, Captain Obvious) 1. Not blended, 2. two layers-blended, 3. one layer-blended.

Aahh… And as I’ve mentioned on my IG (id: Jeongielove) I’ve got quite a lot of goodies to try out! I tried the Skin Food Vita Tok lipsticks the other day, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! *-* Review and stuff will be up as soon as possible. Ahh they’re really amazing! 

Okk, gotta go! Gonna practice some SC2, as bf has set me up to play some online 2v2 with one of his friends! So yea.. peace out.. or whatev… Love you all! xx


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