Etude House – Rosy Tint Lips Review by Gwiyomistyle

This is another Etude House lip tint series.
They have 8 different shade for this series.
I think many of their color is really lovely and they actually recommended number 1 and 8. I always had trouble to pick a color out of so many beautiful colors, but I picked this one because I recently wanted some more in natural colors.
The one I have picked is called “Tea Rose” number 7.
Photo taken from cosmetic-love
Gradient Look
The one I have picked is really close to my real lip color, so it was difficult to create a gradient look. But I think it would work wonderful with other colors as they have shown on the photos.
Personally I do not like this package too much… I don’t know if I should blame the package or because I am too weak? I had to use two hand to make the product come out. There application went smoothly, but I would have wished that I don’t have to use so much strength to apply a lip tint.
Scent / Taste
I tried putting my nose really close to the product and I can’t smell anything and I tried licking my lips with the lip tint on and it don’t taste anything either. I am glad that it don’t taste anything, so I can enjoy my food without any lip tint taste.


The product last well until you start eating or try to rub it off. Same as most other lip products, it’s recommended to re-apply once after eating something.
Yes… I got a band aid on my face…
You can see that the shade is really close to my lip color, but if you take a closer look to the before and after photos. You will notice that applying this product gives a nice natural shade and cover up the imperfection of my lip. So I would recommend to any girls that want a natural look for their makeup. 
Where To Buy?

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