Etude House – Proof 10 Jewelry Pencil Review by Petit Poppy


Review: Etude House Proof 10 Jewelry Pencil + FOTD

Hello sweeties ~~ 
I don’t know how to start my post so I will keep it simple and short this time ^__^ ♥
I’m a big fan of 2NE1 and I’ve always wanted to try their products, and I decided to try the Proof 10 Jewelry pencils, here are some endorsement pictures :
Anyway here is the review ^_^
Description by Etude House
Etude House Water Proof 10 Jewelry Eye Pencil can be used as both Eye pencil & Eye shadow
Comes in 4 colours – Metallic silver, Sparkling gold, Metallic aqua, Sparkling black


Sorry I had a hard time focusing properly I hope you can read the colors name @o@…
The tip is pointy when you first open it, I thought I took the pencils in picture before using them but I didn’t x_x.
But it’s not a problem ! Just open the end of your pencil, it has its own pencil sharpener ^_^
Oooh why so blurry @A@…
They all have fine shimmers, even the black color 🙂
They are waterproof pencils and don’t smudge as long as you don’t rub your eyes 
I rubbed it hard, you can see the reddish mark LOL, the blue and the black line are still on my hand at the moment, if you want a long lasting pencil, try them out !


I used the 4 colors in my makeup.
So, the Sparkling gold is in the inner corner of my eye,
the Sparkling black is the line that connects the wing to the lower lid,
the Metallic aqua is the blue color that you see under my eye,
and the Metallic silver is the whitish color under the blue line.
I hope you can distinguish the colors >^< …
• I really like the shimmery colors, I haven’t tried to use them as an eyeshadow yet but I think it would look nice ^_^
• The packaging is not princessy but it has a funky feel, just like 2NE1, it’s colorful I like that ~
• Really long lasting 
• It doesn’t smudge, thank you Etude House ! I tried lots of “waterproof” gel liners and pencil liners I always 
end up looking like a panda at the end of the day, I don’t have this problem with these ^0^
• Pigmented colors !
• I like the cute pencil sharpener that comes with the pencil, nice idea ! 
• Good quality for an affordable price (9$ free shipping)
• You may have to sharpen the tip if you want to draw precise lines 
• Little product
I highly recommend them ♥
If you have any questions feel free to ask me 😀


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