Etude House – Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips Review by Jenny Ye



Finally I got my hands into this super pretty and recommended lipstick! I think that every girl must own at least one red lipstick at some point of their life. I love everything cute and girly so as you may see this lipstick package is really cute.
This one is sponsored by Shipping took just two weeks which is great because I couldn’t wait it longer haha~
Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips is available in three different colors. The price is only 14.64$ so it’s really affordable when we are talking about its quality.


Because of sharp tip it’s easy to re-shape your lips as you can see in the picture. I have tiny lips but with this lipstick I could made those look more thicker, especially the lower lip but also shape upper lip easily. I’m an amateur with lipstick so that’s why this was great surprise.
The color appears really well and it has some sparkle on it also-”crystal shine”.
+ affordable
+ a little goes far
+ pretty package
+ easy to re-shape lips
+ fills lips
+ pretty color
+ smells like rose
+ shine
+ stays long
+ other color options
– not ideal for dry lips
– a little dry
Overall I love this lipstick even though it’s a little dry so that’s why it seems not good for dry lips. But the important thing is that the color appears well and it stays well even after drinking and eating 🙂




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