Etude House – Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Review by JcLiani

When I’ve to choose something for sponsored product from Cosmetic Love, of course I chose this one. And I chose the pink one. Cosmetic Love is an online shop that sells Korean cosmetics with free world wide shipping. 
[Features] source: Cosmetic-Love
[Etude House] Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion SPF34 / PA++ 15g
Moisture-Rich Multi Color Cushion.
– Magic Pink for Pale Skin
– Magic Mint for Covering Blush
– Magic Peach for Brightening
[How to Use]
Buff the moisture-rich powder onto skin in circular motions until desired coverage is achieved.

The box has the same color with the compact, this one has pearl pink color, just like the liquid inside. The pact made from plastic, the top side is pearl finish while the bottom side is glossy finish. I love the logo, it’s beautiful like a round mirror frame.
The box contains English description and ingredients while the others are in Korean. It’s nice to see that it has SPF in it. Sometimes I just lazy putting up sunblock and layering my face again. No time for that. This shorten my morning routine.
The size is the same with Any Cushion and my IOPE. Thick but light weight. The air puff is pink as you can see the bottom side, it’s definitely cuter than the previous Etude House Any Cushion which has dark blue color. The pink color has perfect match with the case.

The cushion’s texture is like sponge with big pores, that’s where the liquid is.

The color is pearly milky pink. I’m afraid it’s too white since the color contains more white than pink, not like the baby choux, this one is whiter. The texture is light, but remember to not using it too much or it will end up pasty. The smell is like powder with floral hint, somehow similar with my IOPE.

The puff is pink, cute right? It’s the same with other variants. I think it will be cuter if the mint has green puff and the peach has peach puff too. Because this product has light pastel color, the cushion’s color is lighter too (compared to Any Cushion which has dark blue color).

The liquid blends in nicely with the puff using tap tap motion, this will give light finish and won’t be cakey. It gives brightening effect with light shimmer or pearl finish. Nice as make up base for glowing finish. I think this can be used as highlighter too if it’s too white. Personally, I think it’s a bit too white for me if I use it alone. Very unsuitable for people with dark skin.
I love that it does brighten and giving me healthy complexion rather than my dull face before. It doesn’t have coverage but can brighten and ease up a bit the look of my freckles. I added under eye concealer, eyeliner, lipbalm and BB Cream, ready to go! 
But be careful. It can be pasty, both the Magic Any Cushion and BB Cream must be applied in thin layer, unless you want to look awkward, getting too white or enhance the dry patches. Remember to prepare your skin well before using them, it helps a lot and smoothen the make up. Adding some loose powder helps them to stay in place and make it less sticky.
+ Compact base to bring
+ Brighten the skin and giving healthy glow
+ Has SPF
+ Cute packaging, as always
+ Comes in 3 variants, but I think peach and pink is kinda similar
– Expensive for a base make up
– Might be too pasty and white
– Not suitable for dark skin
– Can enhance dry patches
– A little bit sticky for tropical humid temperature (using loose powder will help)
It does the job well, but with some cons I said above, I will rethink to repurchase because it is quiet expensive. I love the brightening effect it gives and the compactness, it’s easy to bring everywhere and less messy to apply, no hand or brush needed. I always use it with light tap tap motion to make it natural and finish it with natural loose powder.
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Price: $27.54


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