Etude House – Precious Mineral BB Dation Review by Lona Pampa


Review: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Dation set

I finally got some time to review this bb cream I’ve been trying out. You wondering why it’s called ‘BB dation’? It stands for bb cream + foundation, pretty clever right? 😀 To be honest, I couldn’t figure it out on my own, haha.

The name may sound familiar to you as it’s basically an upgrade from Etude’s popularPrecious Mineral bb cream. I’ve also reviewed Precious Mineral Sun bb cream, which Etude House released last summer.

I have always liked Etude’s bb creams and this is no exception. As my skin is very light, the tone N02 Natural Beige has always worked well for me and since I already know that, i can feel confident ordering any Etude House’s bb cream online. Even during summer, when my skin is a bit darker, it blends in very well unless I apply it too thick.

I do think the bb dation has a better coverage than the original bb cream, though.

Apart from the bb dation itself, there are many awesome perks to point out about this set. It comes with the Real Hand Touch applicator – a vibrating applicator that touches your face 8500 times in one minute. So it blends in the bb cream really well and makes it look very natural overall. The only minus is that it doesn’t really spread the product as well as it should, so a little help from your fingers is probably necessary, but overall I do like the idea and how it makes the bb dation look on skin.

For example, I don’t usually like using bb cream without finishing powder, but using this applicator I feel like I don’t actually need finishing powder at all, but still apply it sometimes.


Another good thing about the set is that although it costs $40 at, you can use the applicator for other products as well. For example I have a mousse like highlighter I like to apply with it 🙂 The sponge has a great shape to use it under you eyes, etc. Even if it turns out that you are not a fan of  the vibrating applicator you can still use it without turning it on.

The set also included two AAA batteries you need to use the applicator, very thoughtful!

Another thing I noticed is that once you start using the product, the bottom starts moving upwards, so you always know exactly how much product is left inside the bottle. (On the photo above you can see that I’ve used up half of the product already.) I have no idea how it works and how to explain it properly, but I hope you did understand! 😀

The introductions on the package are in Korean and English.

All in all, I think the applicator + bb dation is a perfect combination for light make-up during summer. I can apply a little bit of product and blend it in with the applicator and that’s all! 🙂 No need to kill my skin with all the powder, etc. 😀 I do like all the mineral powders I tried out during winter, though! 😀

Where to buy?
Although, the product was sponsored by them, I actually looked around other Korean cosmetics stores and Cosmetic-love has the best price on the market,  their price even beats ebay! And they also offer free shipping, so I reccomend to check out that store.





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