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Review: Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion with SPF50+/PA+++

Another review up! This time it’s for the Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ I got fromCosmetic-Love. Recently, I have been loving almost every new product I’ve been trying out and this one is no exception. Let me just share some basic knowledge about this product before I start blabbering.
They state that it’s a 6-in-1 product which offers these uses:
It offers Sun Protection with SPF 50+ PA+++ so it acts as a sunblock or sunscreen.
It offers Sebum Control because of it’s sebum control powder which prevents greasy skin.
It offers to Moisturize skin through the addition of Hyaluronic acid w/c supplies deep moisture and a watery texture to the skin.
It offers to Whiten Skin through the whitening essence, niacin amide added for a whitening effect.
It offers to Cover skin imperfections and also to Color Correct.
Lastly, it offers to provide a Cooling Effect on the skin once you put it on.
This cushion makeup comes with a special air puff that is used to apply this makeup. The air puff is made from Rubycell and Polyurethane. This special air puff minimizes content absorption with its dual structure, and it doesn’t reabsorb water so it’s superior in the cooling the skin.
There were three shades available on the website and I chose the darkest one because I’m not really super fair like korean people. The three shades available were: # N02 Light Beige, # W13 Natural Beige, # W24 Honey Beige.
The first time I applied this on my skin, I immediately felt the cooling feeling. It was a joy to apply and it didn’t really feel sticky or heavy on my skin. It just felt really watery and it just melted on to my skin. I just love how it applies because the texture is just so buttery and smooth. The finish it leaves on your skin is a nice dewy finish that looks nice when my skin is not being overly oily but on those days, I love using powder to finish this off.
The coverage for this on is quite good, I have placed photos below. It can tone done my very black dollywink liquid liner so props for that! I think you can layer this and still not look cakey!


  • Feels lovely and cooling on skin and applies like a dream
  • Covers redness and a bit of blemishes
  • Unlike the other Etude House BB Creams, it didn’t break me out!!
  • The smell is not strong. It’s very decent and light.
  • Affordable compared to other cushion makeup.
  • Blends really well with my skin tone
  • Doesn’t look cakey even if you apply a lot
  • EASY to use! No need for brushes! Just the puff is okay.
  • Only available in 2-3 shades. (Depends on where you buy)
  • Not as matte as I’d like it to be
All in all, let me just say that this is one awesome product. I can’t wait to try more cushion type makeup because I’m hooked! The final verdict for this is I LOVE IT! ~
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