Etude House – Moistfull Super Collagen CC Cream Review by Minsooky



A few weeks ago sent me a new CC cream by Etude House, called the Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen CC cream ($20.74 at  I’ve never owned a CC cream before–but was pleasantly surprised to see that it worked better for my skin than most BB creams.

Unlike BB creams, which offer more concealing, anti-aging, and skin correcting benefits, CC creams are meant to “color correct”–such as getting rid of redness and evening out your skin tone.  It’s not meant to camouflage more serious skin issues, however, so it’s a great, lightweight cream to reach for if you already have good skin or don’t need a full coverage foundation.

And Now for the Etude House CC Cream

The Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen CC cream is like most CC creams–a very lightweight, easy-to-blend formula that’s meant to even out redness and minor skin imperfections.  It comes in two shades, both of which are very light, but I opted for the lightest shade, Light Beige.  This color is a touch warm-toned (just found out recently I have warm-toned skin!), so it was a perfect match for me.  In MAC Foundations, I’m usually between NW15 to NW20, depending on the season.
Oh hay.
Here is my bare skin with no foundation or concealer applied.  As you can see, my skin isn’t perfect (in fact, it’s been really bad lately), and I often deal with redness, hormonal acne, and discoloration from old acne scars.

And now here’s the CC cream on my arm, first swatched then blended out.  I also has a plethora of eczema scars on my arms, and you can see right away the difference it makes–the red, scarred areas are virtually invisible, yet the formula looks so lightweight it resembles my actual skin.

No complains so far 🙂

This was a video still from a video, hence the weird face!

And finally, here is the CC cream on my entire face.  Really works wonders, eh?  The redness in my skin is completely gone, yet my skin still looks a touch dewy–a really wonderful combination.  The formula is easy to blend as well; light as a feather, and just one drop can cover half of your face.  My skin is naturally dry, so I welcome all of the moisture it can get!

On the downside, however, after a few hours it did get a bit too dewy for my liking–so for more long-lasting wear, I’d recommend dusting a touch of powder on top, especially if you have oily skin.  This will take care of any excess shine in a jiffy and help the CC cream last longer 🙂

Overall, I’m totally loving this CC cream…I just love how lightweight it is on my skin, and how well it covers up the redness on my face.
If you want to buy this, it’s currently available on for $20.74 for 50mL.  Also, hint hint: They offer free shipping, and I got my package in a week, despite their HQ being in Korea 🙂  So they ship super fast.  Right now I live in Minnesota.




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