Etude House – Miss Tangerine VIP Girl Dear Darling Lips Review by Petit Poppy


Review: Miss Tangerine VIP girl Dear Darling Lips (OR205)

Hello ♥
So, here is the first review for this week. I got this lipstick last week along with the Etude House palettes but I didn’t have enough time to do a review on it >3<. 
Anyway, I really like natural, peachy and pinkish lipstick/lip tint, I don’t often wear lipstick but I absolutely love the color of this one ♥♥ I was looking for this kind of color for a very long time ~
Anyway, you can buy it on Cosmetic Love ♥ 😀
Description by Etude House
Etude House VIP Girl Dear Darling Lipstick: Lipstick application in one quick and easy step for a vibrant, Tangerine Lip Expression.
 I love the Miss Tangerine line ♥♥
 Etude House sure likes long name kekeke
 The packaging is super cute !
 Beautiful color ♥
 Close up

Bare lips
1 swipe
2 swipes
– It comes in 8 shades ♥
– The color is so so so pretty
– The packaging is princessy as usual ♥
– Not expensive ! (about 8$ shipping fee incl.)
– It appears bright on my hand but on my lips, it’s a peachy nude color.
– It covers my natural lip color very well
– One swipe is enough to cover your natural lip color
– No weird taste
– Creamy texture
– Not easy to spread, my lips look (really) flaky, so don’t forget to moisturize yours!
– It’s a lipstick so, the color fades away a little bit after eating
Apply the lipstick on the center of your lips and blend the color with a lip brush or your pinky finger.
I really want to try the other colors, they all look sooooo nice oh my god I love Etude House ♥
Anyway if your lips are well moisturized, this lipstick is highly recommended ♥ !




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