Etude House – Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips Review by Petit Poppy


Review: Etude House Miss Tangerine Sweet shower lips

After my random posts, here is a new review !
This time I will be reviewing the Etude House Miss Tangerine Sweet shower lips (the title is really cute but why is it so long @o@) As usual, the products are sponsored by Cosmetic Love  I think you all noticed that I really like the Miss Tangerine line because of its wearable warm colors, so I decided to try these lipsticks/lipglosses out ~
Description by Etude House
Glossy, moist lipstick in fabulous tangerine shades for juicy, tangy lips.
These are the 5 available colors, Shiny Pink Shower, Sweet Berry Blossom, Miss Sunny Tangerine, Miss Tangerine Tangerine and Sweet Peach Shower, all of them are really really pretty ♥
This is how the packaging looks like, it’s really cute ~

I don’t understand Korean, but I think that it means that you only need to twist it 2 or 3 times for the lipstick to come out, you just need 1 or 2mm of the product to cover your lips. Do never try to get more than 5mm of the product or else it won’t go back in the tube >_<

Same order as the first picture ~
The colors are pretty right ? 😀
1. Shiny pink shower

2. Sweet berry blossom

3. Miss Sunny Tangerine

4. Miss Tangerine Tangerine

5. Sweet Peach Shower

– It’s an uncommon packaging for a lipstick but it looks really cute !
– The colors are all wearable (of course) the light ones are perfect for your everyday makeup ~
– The colors are pigmented and shimmery except for the Miss Tangerine Tangerine, but you can barely see them, so it’s ok if you don’t like shimmers 🙂 !
– The texture is creamy, it’s easy to apply and your lips don’t feel dry ^_^
– It’s a lipstick/lipgloss, it is not as sticky/liquidy as a lipgloss but not as matte as a lipstick, so it colors your lips and moisturize them at the same time 😀
– It’s a light taste of tangerine, but it doesn’t taste bitter ~
– Long lasting colors if you apply 2 or 3 swipes
– You need to re-apply it after eating
– It’s a little bit expensive (13$ free shipping) but it is worth the price :).
– The product can go out but it can’t go back in LOL
Do you have any Sweet shower lips lipstick ? What do you think about it ? Are you going to try one of them ? 😀
I hope you liked this review, thanks for reading ♥ !




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