Etude House – Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blusher Review by Petit Poppy


Review: Etude House Miss Tangerine cream choux blushers

I absolutely love blushers and I’ve never bought any cream blushers so I thought it would be great to try ! So, Cosmetic Love ♥ sent me all of the 4 colors available for the Miss tangerine cream choux blushers line, thank you very very much ! 
I usually use powder blush since it’s great for oily skin, and I heard that cream blush are good for people with dry skin since it contains moisturizing ingredients !

Description by Etude House
Etude House Enhance Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blusher: adhesion of pigment in the skin and formula color holding naturally became effective when it seems will continue with just the right. Sprinkle powder on your skin creamy natural color representation is possible.
It comes in 4 shades, Miss Tangerine, Miss Peach, Miss Berry and Miss grape.

 It looks like a lipgloss squeeze tube !
 Squeeze a little bit for the product to come out ~
 (Left to right)
Miss Tangerine, Miss Peach, Miss Berry, Miss grape
 Blend with your fingers
With flash
– The colors are very nice, my favorites are Miss Berry and Miss Grape !
– The packaging is simple yet cute ^_^
– Creamy texture, it’s really easy to blend 
– Matte texture
– Miss Tangerine is really pigmented
– Miss Peach looks natural on your skin
– Miss Berry makes you look like an innocent girl
– Miss grape can be use to brighten up your face, it looks really really nice
– You just need a tiny amount, dab it on your cheeks and blend with your fingers !
– Affordable price (~9$)
– The color fades away rather quickly (2 hours)except for Miss Tangerine which is very pigmented, but you can still see it so it’s ok 🙂
– Miss Peach looks good only on fair skintone because it’s almost a flesh color, and since it blends into your skin, you can’t notice it especially on yellowish skintone or dark skin.
I really like these blushers, they are currently my favorites ! Especially Miss Berry and Miss grape. I use Miss peach when I want a neutral, natural look, and I haven’t had the opportunity to apply Miss Tangerine yet, but I think it would be a great color for summer !
Highly recommended ♥
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