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Etude House Face Conditioning Cream First Impression Review & Swatches

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I’m sick today so I got to stay home and not go to school hehe ūüėõ And when I went to check my mail, I see a cute little parcel laying there casually in my mailbox. I was thrilled because I finally received the product sent to me by¬†¬†for review purposes! ūüôā ¬†It took¬†11 days of deliverywhich is pretty fast!! It was sent to me on the 06/02/2014.

So the product I chose as part of their reviewer’s program was the¬†‘Etude House Face Conditioning Cream’. This has been something that I’ve been wanting to try for ages and this is actually quite a new product. It came out this year and is highly promoted. So before I get started with the review, let me just quickly introduce all of you to Cosmetic-Love.

I’ve been a loyal customer of Cosemtic-love since I just love the site sooo much ^^The layout of the site is clean, simple and easy to navigate through and they have the best customer service as in every one of them are so nice and¬†answer within 24 hours! Now that’s what I called efficiency~ But anyways, what I love more about the site is that they offer¬†free international shipping,¬†generous samples¬†and¬†huge variety of Korean Beauty Brands.

All the brands they offer

They are always holding free giveaways and sales, and I’m not joking when I’m saying always. For example, right now they’re holding an event where they are giving away free products to people who tag them self in their facebook photo. Like that’s amazing!!

And shipping is free, as I said before, which is a bonus! And the shipping is rather quick I must say.

How their delivery works

But yes, overall I just really enjoy buying from this site so definitely check the site out!

Okay, now let’s move on to the actual review of the product! ^^

Brand: Etude House
Name: Etude House Face Conditioning Cream
Color: White
Amount: 75mL
Actual Weight: 0.64oz/ 75g
Price on Cosmetic-Love: $16.23 USD (click here)
So, what is so special about this cream? This cream is supposed to be a combination of a primer + skincare product which boosts the application of bb cream/cc cream or foundation, making it last longer and apply easier.
It has whitening, anti-wrinkle and balancing effects. It is supposed to fit to your skintone and fix any skin problems before you apply face makeup. It also has SPF 25 PA ++ which is something I always enjoy in face products.
The front
The back
The Top
The product packaging
Overall, I am very pleased with the packaging of the actual design because I think it is very simple and neat but still very girly. The outside packaging was a bit distorted but that doesn’t affect the product in any way.
The texture of the product is very¬†creamy,¬†silky¬†and¬†smooth.¬†It’s lighter than a cream moisturizer but heavier than a gel one. The scent is very nice and reminds me of the¬†Etude House Dear Girls Be Clear Moisturizer.¬†It’s like a¬†floral scent¬†that’s not too over-whelming. I love it!
Slightly Blended Out
More blended out
Full blended out

As you can see, even the swatches off it remind me of the Dear Girls Moisturizer. But it’s not as drying as that one. After it’s fully blended out, you can see that the right side of my hand is a¬†little brighter and more glowy, which is perfect for people who want to achieve the¬†luminous, dewy lookthat most Korean celebs like to have these days ^^

[How to Use]
1. After skin care, apply an adequate amount of the conditioning cream to the face.
2. Use the palm of your hands to pat the cream in.
*For dry skin, apply after toner and essence.
*For oily skin, apply just after toner.
Left side of my bare face
Right side of my face with one layer of the Conditioning Cream ^^
Left: With conditioning cream Right: Bare Face

Immediately, I can see a difference between the size of the pores on the left and right side of my face. The left side¬†looks brighter,¬†less red¬†and the pores appear a lot smaller. This is just the perfect primer I’ve been looking for! I reckon for people with good skin already, they can even use this instead of BB cream for a¬†very natural finish.

Now, let’s apply some BB cream to the face shall we? (I’m using the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit here) ūüôā
As you can see, even when dabbing the BB Cream on, the pores seem less obvious compared to the right hand side. Eww~ my pores look so big on camera >:(
I’m using the Baby Doll Puff from Etude House here for better coverage and a more natural finish.
Finished look with one sheer layer of BB Cream

I don’t know if you guys can tell, ¬†but even with BB Cream on both sides of the face, I think my pores still look smaller on the left side and it’s also less red. The BB Cream also¬†applied easier and smoother¬†onto my face.

Here’s the finished look! ūüôā
No face conditioning cream: more bumpy surface
With face conditioning cream: less bumpy
– Decent amount of product
– Cute design
– Makes pores appear smaller
– Reduces redness and appearance of blemishes
-Makes application of foundation/bb cream/cc cream easier and more smooth
– Smells nice
-Tube gives good control of how much product comes out
-SPF 25+
-Not portable I guess?
– Coverage isn’t that great
I really enjoyed this product and I think it is something I look forward to adding into my makeup routine for easier foundation application and a smoother, natural finish. I love the scent of it and I think the price is worth it for quite a lot of amount. ūüôā Overall, I would recommend this to people out there who are looking for a product that gives a slight coverage, acts as a primer but also give skincare benefits! ^^
So, have you tried this product yet? Did you enjoy it or dislike it? Leave a comment below as I would love to hear about it!!
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Until next time,
CosJane xoxo


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