Etude House – Dust Cut Facial Mist Review by adekumalaputri



Air pollution is a big problem in many countries all over the world, including Indonesia.
Dirt and dust in the air can clog pores, cause breakouts, and give the skin a dull appearance ughh! But fortunately I got a chance to try this Etude House Dust Cut Facial Mist which they claim to protect your skin from the harmful environment.
So.. is it really as effective as claimed? Let’s see~!

To be honest.. at first, I was not interested to try this facial mist when they launched this ‘Dust Cut‘ skincare line, but after I watch their ads on Youtube, I was like “OMG I seriously need this facial mist!!”. I concluded from the video that this facial mist will create a protective outer barrier, so the dust from the air will not stick onto your face. Wow, it sounds too good to be true, right?? *o*
And oh, you can watch the video HERE if you have not seen it yet ^^

This facial mist is very watery, and it has a subtle floral scent.. but the scent would fade away within four to five minutes after application.

I usually spray this facial mist all over my face after I finish my whole makeup, it helps to keep my face hydrate, moisturizing, and it gives a glowy and healthy look to my face.

But unfortunately it makes my oily-combination skin a little bit greasy, and yeah my skin gets oilier especially on the T-zone area after about 30 minutes ughh >__<

And let’s talk about the protective effect of this facial mist~
So I just applied a sunscreen on my face, then I sprayed this facial mist only on the right side of my face and I did not apply anything on the left side of my face except the sunscreen. And I went on a bike ride around my neighborhood for about 15 minutes.

Then I came home and wiped it away with the toner on cotton pads. And yeah I was quite shocked to see the result! No, no, it is not like the right side of my face was so clean without any dirt at all lol it is not really that magical, you know! 😛

As you can see.. a lot of dirt and dust were getting stuck on the left side of my face compared to the right side of my face with this facial mist. So this means that this facial mist really helps to protect my skin from the air pollution, ah.. umm more precisely to ‘minimize’ the dust to stick on your face.

Overall, this facial mist does a good job to protect and minimize the dirt and dust on my face.. as long as I am not lazy to spray this facial mist as often as possible, which I did not really mind because it also refresh my skin lol.
But I kinda hate the fact that this facial mist makes my skin a little bit greasy especially on my T-zone area ughh.. but it is okay la, I can still tolerate it with a blotting paper.
So I think this facial mist is more suitable for those who have normal to dry skin!
And I do not recommend you to try this facial mist if you have an extremely sensitive skin because this facial mist contains alcohol and fragrance!
This facial mist was sent to me by Cosmetic Love.
Cosmetic Love is a trusted online shop that sells a wide range of genuine Korean beauty products, based in South Korea. And they also offer FREE international shipping yay!!
And if you are interested to try this facial mist, you can purchase HERE for $17.04!



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