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Sponsored Review: Etude House CC Cream #1 ‘Silky’

Hi all~ Today my summer vacation finally started! Only a couple of days until America, I’m already trembling from all the excitement 8D I’m planning to do an ‘official’ school’s ending post asw (after tonight’s celebration activities) if there’s time, I already have another update besides this one to post before leaving..

 Anyway, the dearest Cosmetic Love sent me this product to review this week, which I was also very excited about!


 A CC a.k.a correct & care cream! They haven’t been around for a long time which made me even more eager to try one of them and I thought it’d probably interest you readers too 🙂 This one is by Etude House, the ‘silky’ one of the two sorts, the another one is called ‘glow’.


「P r o d u c t  i n f o」

Capacity: 35 g
Origin: South Korea
SPF30 / PA++
A lot of talk has been going on about these CC creams – and to be honest – I assumed this to be even more ‘revolutionary’ than it really is. Hehe being soartsy & everything with the lace. I just thought it looked nice 😀

A little evidence of how it blends when touching the skin. The texture is not sticky or too watery, nor as thick as e.g. Skin79 BB creams (which in my opinion have better coverage than this too.)

From Cosmetic Love‘s site!

Texture: ♥♥♥♥♡ – A bit about this in the earlier sentence 🙂
Looks: ♥♥♥♥♡+ – I love it how sweet and sophisticated the whole package looks like, as expected from Etude though.
Longevity: ♥♥♥♡♡+ – In my opinion, you can’t really tell the difference between this and just a good BB cream. Even this one fades awayfrom the face during the day just like any other foundation, even worn w/ base, concealer, mineral powder and everything. Also, it might just be the korean porcelain skin trend but I’m not really into the whitening effect, it’s summer after all and I’d rather look slightly sun-kissed than white as a ghost but yeah. >__<
Overall, I’m satisfied with this product and could recommend it to you too.
A lot of CC related stuff on Etudeblog‘s channel, even if you can’t understand Korean they’re genuinely nice to watch haha.


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