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Review: Dr.Jart Silver Label Rejuvenation BB Cream

Hello sweeties ♥
I’m sorry I couldn’t do a lot of review this week end because I was busy studying for my exams which is in 2 weeks, and I think I won’t post that much next week either ;~; … But anyway, I will be in holidays in 2 weeks so I will try to do more tutorials and write more reviews ♥
For this week end, I want to share with you my opinion on the Dr.Jart silver label BBcream, sponsored by Cosmetic Love ~ As usual, their service is perfect, fast shipping, safe package, nice communication, check out their website 😀 ! Anyway, I hope you will like this review ~
Description by Dr.Jart
Whitening, Anti-Aging, UV Protection & Moisturizing SPF 25 / PA++
Provides your skin smooth and comfortable all day long. No need extra sun block cream and provides natural look and easiness. Not only covers trouble sopt, alto your sensitive skin.
Makes Your Skin Look Natural, Smooth and Perfect!
Multi-function Cream
Whitening, Anti-Aging, UV Protection and Moisturizing Provides your skin smooth and comfortable all day long.
Relief and Sensitive Skin
No need extra sun block cream and provides your skin relief and good feeling for all day long.
Covers redness and trouble spot
Not only covers trouble spot but also your sensitive skin.
Provides you natural look and easiness.

This BBcream comes in 2 version, the Silver label and the Black label. The silver one is adapted to oily skin whereas the black one is adapted to dry skin. My skin is very oily so I decided to try the silver label BBcream. I heard very good things about it, and it is one of the best seller BBcream in Korea.

If you buy it online, make sure the box is sealed with this sticker, which proves that this BBcream is not a fake one !
This is the ingredients list, I took it in picture but I don’t know anything about chemical things… I just know that the product is mainly composed by the ingredients written at the beginning (water etc.)
It has SPF 35 ! You can skip sunscreen ^_^
You can keep this BBcream for 12 months after opening it, don’t use it more than 2 years because it will be expired >_<
So, when you buy it make sure that is it sealed here too (you have to remove the black cap first ok? kekeke)
This packaging makes the application a little bit messy x_x and it’s not very hygienic since the product goes back in the tube with all the bacteria, make sure your hands are clean !
It looks dark here, but that’s because my hand is way whiter th
an my face @o@, and of course it will look lighter once you spread the product ~ 
See how it blends so well into my skin? This BBcream is also adapted to normal fair to very fair skin, don’t buy it if you have dark skin.
It covers my acne scars very well and reduces redness ! (Who said that my skin is perfect ? Nobody has perfect skin!)
It’s a very thick creamy texture, it may be difficult to spread on flaky skin. You may have to use a foundation brush to apply it, but if you skin is well moisturized, you can just use your fingers (make sure they are clean though), I personally like to use my fingers to apply my BBcream ^_^
Coverage 5/5
Really really good coverage, I skipped concealer, and it hides my dark circles very well too! But I won’t take the risk to skip my darkcircle concealer though, once the BBcream oxides, you can see a little bit of the dark area. And seriously, this BBcream has the best coverage among the ones I tried. It covers my acne scars very well, reduces the pimples’ redness too, in short conceals blemishes very well. Just like any other BBcream, it brightens up your face without making it too white, it doesn’t have that pinkish or grayish undertone that a lot of BBcreams do. I recommend it if you have fair skin and have imperfections.
Oil Control 4,5/5
I think that the oil control depends on how oily is your skin. And well, after trying this BBcream I can say that my skin is very oily. The oil control is really good, but I need to blot my nose after 3-4 hours (usually my nose gets oily after 2 hours lol x_x). When my face starts to get oily, my T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) looks so bling bling, and I usually my forehead and nose are verrry oily, but using this BBcream, I only need to blot my nose, my forehead doesn’t shine at all ! And you know, when the oil shows up, it tends to…like… “remove” the BBcream, so your nose looks darker than the rest of your face, but this one doesn’t do that, my nose is as white as my cheeks or my forehead ♥. By the end of the day, it doesn’t cake all over my face but the matte finish turns into a dewy finish without showing my blemishes up 🙂
Spreadability 3,5/5
I find the texture a bit thick, it’s not liquidy or anything so it may be difficult to spread, especially if your skin is not well moisturized. Yes, I know, this BBcream is adapted to oily skin but the cheeks area, the area around your mouth, your nose and the area between your eyebrows gets dry after using a gel cleanser, and if you don’t use any moisturizer first, your face will look flaky x_x. So, if you have this problem, I recommend you to use a foundation brush, but if you prefer using your fingertips, just dab a little bit of BBcream on several spots then blend gently. You just need a tiny amount of product to cover your whole face.
Finish 4,5/5
It’s a matte finish without looking cakey. Don’t use any compact powder on the top because this will make your face look cakey ! If you used concealer, set your face makeup with loose powder. I gave a 4,5/5 to the finish because I really like dewy skin, and this BBcream is way too matte LOL, but it’s ok, I just it with my Nymph aura volumer, and it looks perfect ♥.
Overall 5/5
This is my favorite BBcream so far, the oil control is really good, it blends so well into my skin. I almost bought the Etude House BBcream, but Cosmetic Love sent me some samples, I tried the lightest shade on my face and it looks soooo dark. Because my face is really pale, and the Etude House precious mineral BBcream has a pink undertone, which doesn’t match my skin tone at all. I can only wear yellow and gray undertone x_x. So yes, the Dr.Jart Silver label BBcream is a little bit expensive, but offers a really good coverage, good oil control, good finish, It’s worth the price and I totally recommend it ! ♥
Have a nice monday ^___^ ♥


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