And no, it is not Candy Crush Saga as we know it.

After a day of out with wearing makeup, we would need a good cleanser to remove the makeup and foundations that we have on the whole day so that we can proceed with our skin care routine. O & Young, have come up with a product which is interesting.

It is a combination of Gumball machine + Lady Cleanser Products. Below you can see their official poster. (As it is written in Korean, we will explain it to you below)

It really does look like candy, and as you can see, it is refillable. Wow!

How to use;

Step 1. Fill up the candy machine with the cleanser tablet

Step 2. When you need to use it, spin the handle and one cleanser table will come out.

Step 3. Add water to it, to make it into a soapy texture. (You may break it so that it will dissolve easier. I tried it and I felt that break it was easier for me)

Step 4. Proceed to cleanse your face with massage.

Step 5. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry yourself.

That’s all! It is a really simple to use the product and it is very convenient to use. The candy machine is on the bulky side, but as we would usually put our cleanser at home it wouldn’t be much of any inconvenience.

It is actually convenience as you will spot the candy machine from all of our cosmetic + it is cuteeeeeee.


Some additional information if you want to know;

The manufacturer is  O&Young Cosmetic and the country of origin is South Korea. The capactiy is 50g X 2 with a dispenser (candy machine). The main ingredients are : Diatomaceous earth, glycerin, acerola extract and lemon extract.

Product description:

  • Fine powder and nutrients give perfect cleansing.
  • It can be used for keratin care, as well as a shampoo and body cleanser.
  • The soft powder removes dead skin cells without irritation and keeps skin moisturized after washing.

That’s all, I hope you like this review of Candy Crush Cleanser by O & Young. If you have any questions do comment or hit us up by facebook / email.

P.s We are wholesale distributors of many Korean Beauty Products based in Seoul. If you are looking for the wholesale supplier you can send us a message too.


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