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Hello everyone~!

Today’s review is on the Aritaum Oil Serum CC Cream! A CC cream that not only evens out skin tone but also provides high moisturising benefits, sun protection & natural coverage like a BB Cream!

This product was kindly sponsored by Cosmetic.Love which is one of my favourite Korean cosmetic stores~(○´∀`○) Thank you so much!~❤


Cosmetic.Love Price:-  £11.43/$16.94
Very reasonable!

Oil moisturising CC Cream that covers skin imperfections as well as producing smooth glowing skin. 
With moist-keep complex prescription which contains 45% of essential moist ingredients, it helps to keep your skin moistfull all day 
Contains Glo-Powder ingredients to give a subtle sheen & perfectly cover skin blemishes all day! 
Softens the skin texture with rich moisture & firms for a youthful bouncy skin condition.

Capacity: 50ml

Available in two different shades
01. 라이트 베이지 Light Beige
02. 내추럴 베이지 Natural Beige

I chose Light Beige~

Here is the beneficial main ingredients that make up the ‘moist-keep’~

Moist Keep Complex Prescription – There are 6 main ingredients that make up the oil moisture complex:- Horsetail, olive, cranberry, baobab tree, fructan & locust tree

Strong moisture + Antioxidant effects for healthy skin + Skin tightening

FDA Certification Triple functional cosmetic – UV Protection SPF30 PA++ + Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle

I read Korean bloggers reviews on this product & I loved the dewy-glow the CC cream performed on their skin ( ´∀`)☆ I think dewy makeup looks so fresh & pure even though it is not everyone’s cup of tea~

This CC Cream is ideal for drier skin types.
Because this CC cream has 45% moist-oils, those with excessive oil production/very oily skin may want to avoid this product.

My package was shipped off on the 17th April & arrived on the 25th April! Just over week it took to arrive to the UK – The products were safe & snug in bubblewrap & their little box~! I even got some makeup samples as a little gift *-*~❤
Cosmetic.Love provide free worldwide shipping on all orders & if you pay $2.50, you get a tracking number so you can track your parcel through it’s posting journey!  (´∀`) I always find watching my package really fun & exciting ^^;;
For more information on Cosmetic.Love shipping – click HERE
The CC Cream is packaged in this gorgeous sleek – albeit rather flimsy- plastic box (´ω`) The box is really pretty & the CC Cream is presented so nicely~~❤
But damn was it ever hard to capture on camera! The box kept reflecting the flash back at me _ _;;


The hangul on the front roughly says ‘Oil Moisturising Radiance CC Cream’.
Korean Side – Right click new tab to enlarge
The CC Cream tube had a little plastic stand so it does not rattle in its box~
~ ~ ~
The CC Cream packaging has a very simple yet gorgeous beige-cream & black design~ It’s design is chic compared to my cutesy Korean product (。´ㅂ`。)❤
The tube is made of sturdy plastic. It’s a tiny bit bulky but lightweight with its height of 12cm & capacity of 50ml. It fits well in my go-to makeup bag & I would travel with it~
The pump is hygienic but quite sensitive & unpredictable щ(ಥДಥщ) Be careful with how hard you press because you might end up with more product than you needed~
The CC Cream tube has a cap which is strong & shuts down on the pump with a satisfying loud ‘click’~ There should be no base makeup explosions in my bag with this strong tube! Haha
The CC Cream is a pale beige in colour~ Again, I chose the shade Light Beige. The colour is like a BB Cream ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
The consistency is very similiar to a watery BB Cream. It even spreads out on the tiny lines of my skin – so it shows how watery it is!
The CC Cream blends out so beautifully!❤ You only need a little bit of product for your whole face. I really adore how it just quickly glides across the skin~
(○´∀`○)  It’s feels highly moisturing & feels refreshing to apply.
I actually expected it to feel oily but it just feels like a really smooth light-weight lotion.
Blending does taking a little while & you have to take care to apply evenly; otherwise it might be smeary due to it’s consistency. It can get a little bit cakey if you apply too much product.
Once blended the CC Cream really brightens up the skin & leaves a dewy-luminous glow~!❤
(ノ*^▽^)ノ  The skin feels hydrated, soft & bouncy after application.
You can see how natural the brightening effect is of the CC Cream compared to my bare hand~


To touch, it does not feel sticky but has a ever so slightly moist touch to it – Only 3 of the 8 blotting squares stayed on. It’s barely noticeable!
I accidentally knocked the cc cream in the ‘five hours’ ㅠㅠ
The CC Cream is full of moisturising oils even if it does not feel like it. The blotting paper reveals how much oil the CC Cream produces during the day. It’s quite an amount ^^
After five hours, you can even see the oil!! ^^


Out of all CC Creams I tried, the coverage has always been little to nothing. This CC Cream really surprised me – I didn’t really believe it would ‘perfectly cover skin blemishes’- But it did do a pretty good job at covering my spot & neutralising the redness of it <`∀´> It looks less visible & I don’t really feel the need to conceal it!
It’s coverage is good & you can apply extra CC Cream or concealer if you need more cover!
It has a pleasant floral scent~! It’s not overpowering & the scent dissipates when you apply to the face.
 . . .
OH MY GOD I just realised. It smells exaaaaactly like Nanas’B SHINee BB Cream!! – That was my first ever Korean product review & I only bought it because SHINee were the endorsers! oh my god memories!!❤
Oh gosh, that review was absolutely terrible – I had no idea about skin or how to explain the colours.
So embarrassing. . . . I had to start somewhere right? (。´・ω・`。)”
Here is my bare face. I’m only wearing a light moisturiser~ I’m currently on that-time-of-the-month so my skin is really dull & sallow. I have dark circles, redness around my nose & a few healing red spots I want to cover.  I look like a vampire with that vein under my eye but I can’t help that hehe~
My skin is dry-combination but with little oil production – It’s a bit dehydrated, so I want to moisturise my skin further & achieve a bright-dewy makeup.
After basic skin care, take an appropriate amount & spread a thin layer on the face. Apply extra to area needing more coverage.
(You can also use a puff or brush depending on the application)
~ ~ ~
One pump of CC Cream is enough for my face as its watery texture goes a long way. I dot evenly on my face & use my clean fingers to blend. I take care to blend it well to avoid a smeary finish or caking.
After applying the CC Cream, my skin looks brighter & healthier~! My skin looks dewy & fresh but can you see how my skin looks slightly warmer than my before photo?
My skin is neutral toned but this CC Cream is ever so slightly dark for my skin. It’s not a big difference in terms of different neck colour but I think it makes my skin look much more healthier~!

The CC cream evens out my skin – especially around my eye area & the redness on my nose has been corrected a little bit.My pores looks smoother & the overall skin texture feels hydrated, bouncy & soft~! (○´∀`○)❤

Here is a close up of the beautiful dewy glow the CC Cream gives. The dewy glow is subtle & does not look wet or oily. To touch it, the CC cream feels moist but not sticky at all. I can easily apply a powder blush on top without it clumping & my face still looks natural & dewy afterwards! ( ´∀`)

As said, the CC cream needs a bit of patience apply to avoid smearing or caking. I love the hydrating lightweight formula as it doesn’t emphasise dry areas on my face but I find it does settle in lines under the eyes:-

I apply a bit of powder on my eyes to avoid this~ Other than that area, the CC cream adheres well to the rest of the face & does not slide around despite it’s moist formula.

This CC cream is longlasting in terms of keeping my skin looking bright & healthy.
I applied it at 6am & went to college at 9am until 5pm where I came home. 8 hours!
My skin still looking brighter & my skintone still looked even. The only difference was the dewy glow from 6am up to 5pm:-
6am – 5pm
Sorry for the differences in lighting. It was early evening when I took these~

The CC cream does produce quite a bit oil during the day but really the dewy shine is not that bad of difference.  A little bit of powder will sort it right out without clumping.

It still felt hydrating & cooling on my skin – not oily/sticky at all. It does not bother me at all – I quite like it but I know people might dislike this!

Even if it does produce oils, the CC cream stayed up in place all day! It does not oxidise any darker too! So yes, I think its safe to say that this CC cream is quite longlasting~! ^▽^❤

I loooove this CC Cream~ ( ´∀`)☆❤

It has a silky watery formula that brightens & corrects dull/uneven skin. It’s make the skin look healthy & radiant with a subtle dewy glow. It’s offers an okay coverage & helps minimises the appearance of pores & rough skin texture. My dark circles & blemishes look brighter so I don’t feel the need to conceal them!

● The CC Cream has 45% moist oils so my skin is left feeling very hydrated & refreshed with no sticky/heavy feeling. My skin feels bouncy & soft after applying!


● It’s a tiny bit warm for my skin tone so I do not apply BB Cream/Foundation over it (otherwise my skin will look too dark). It’s shade on its own, makes my pale skin look healthier & rosier~


● The CC cream formula is lightweight but needs practice & patience to apply, as it might smear or cake. Once it has settled, the finish is flawless~
You only need a small amount of product as it goes a long way~

● The CC Cream is long lasting & adheres well without emphasising dry areas & with only a bit of creasing under my eyes. It does produce a small amount of oil after a few hours but powder will sort it out right away.

I haven’t experienced any breakouts or clogged pores with this product.


I’d recommend this product for dry-dehydrated & Combination-dry skin. People with oily skin, I recommend a sebum-absorbing powder. People with excessive oil production/very oily skin may want to avoid this product.

~ ~ ~

Overall, this CC Cream is really lovely~! I’ve been wearing this to college for about a week now & I love how awake it makes me look even if I haven’t slept well (´ ▽ ` )ノ❤

Reasonable price
Beautiful, chic packaging
Travel friendly
Hygienic pump
Good amount of product – You only need a 1-2 pumps of product for your face.
Lovely floral scent – This scent reminds me of when I first started blogging Korean products~ *-*

Light weight watery formula
Brightens the skin & smooths out texture
Good coverage
Hydrates the skin (Not sticky/oily to touch)
Beautiful dewy finish
Long-Lasting in terms of brightening/covering 8hrs+ *

SPF30 PA++

It’s a tiny bit too dark for my skin tone
Coverage is only enough for little blemishes
Creasing under eyes
*It does produce quite a lot of oil during the day (could trigger oily/acne prone skin)
Patience needed to apply to avoid smearing & caking product.

Would I purchase?
There is many more CC Creams out there so I would try out others first~ I really like the hydrating formula & brightening effects so I think I might do~ ( ´∀`)

Find the CC Cream HERE

● ● ●

I’m in love with this product so a big thank you for Cosmetic.Love for sending this to me & making this review possible! ( ´ ▽ `)❤
I’ve been purchasing from them for a few years now so I really recommend you their amazing site out! There are so many products that cater to everyone’s needs from different Korean brands & the prices are very reasonable + with free worldwide shipping!

I hope you check them out!ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

Instagram @cosmeticlovers
Twitter @cosmeticloves

*This product was sponsored by Cosmetic.Love but however, this review (like all reviews on my blog) is written from my 100% honest opinion & experiences*

I hope you enjoyed this CC Cream review~ I had a lot of fun making it! Doing reviews is such a nice hobby as it relaxes me after a hard day in the salon & doing exams~ (´ω`) I’m nearly finished with a mask & eyeliner review & they will up very soon~

Enjoy the rest of the Sunday & I hope your week is stress free

Lots of Love~❤

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