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I have never used a pop stick before and this is going to be my first one. I was browsing for pop sticks and happened to come across Cosmetic-Love website. I picked up Etude House Vivid Pop Stick from there. It has 8 variations and all the colors are pretty. It was quite difficult to choose one but I decided to try Kissing You variant. It is a pretty pink shade which will look really good for pale colored skin people. My lips have become dry from quite sometime and I am still recovering from it. If this pop stick works, I was hoping to replace my lipstick with pop stick for a while. Read further to know if this product is a hit or a miss.

About Etude House Vivid Pop Stick #1 Kissing You:

Creates extreme point lip makeup with vivid and enriched color like original lip color. This is a crayon like lip stick and it comes in 8 colors, from really nice light peachy color to really vibrant red or hot pink.
Etude House Vivid Pop Stick comes in 8 variations. #1 Kissing You, #2 This Love, #3 Just Dance, #4 Pop Stick Baby, #5 Teenage Dream, #6 Girls On Top, #7 California Girl, #8 Crazy In Love


$10.86 for 2.4 gms


My Experience With Etude House Vivid Pop Stick #1 Kissing You:

Etude House Vivid Pop Stick has 8 variants and I picked up Kissing You which is a pretty pink shade. The best thing about this pop stick is its packaging. It is super cute pink and white in color with many lips printed on it. The cap fits well and protects the pop stick. It is totally handy and fits in easily in your purse. The quantity looks pretty satisfying and lasts for a long time. This pop stick made me remember my school days because it looks just like a crayon. I really wanted to draw something using it but I satisfied my urge with the swatch picture below.
It is easy to apply on the lips as the pop stick is smooth. It glides on the lips but is difficult to blend. Single swipe is not enough and hence I had to go for two swipes. Still it didn’t provide proper coverage. I was just recovering from dry lips and this pop stick is a total no for dry lips. It is necessary to have well moisturized lips for this pop stick to look good. If you still want to use it, make sure you apply lip balm before and lip gloss later to make it up. The ingredients list and shelf life are not mentioned on the pop stick. I am not much impressed with this and it did not meet my expectations.

Pros Of Etude House Vivid Pop Stick #1 Kissing You:

  • Pretty pink color
  • Nice packaging
  • Totally handy
  • Lasts on the lips for a long time

Cons Of Etude House Vivid Pop Stick #1 Kissing You:

  • Ingredients list and shelf life are not mentioned
  • Difficult to blend on lips
  • Doesn’t provide proper coverage
  • Not suitable for dry lips. Need to use lip balm before and lip gloss later to make it up

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

This pop stick is okay if you have well moisturized lips. However, it doesn’t provide proper coverage and difficult to blend on lips.


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