O & Young might not be as popular as big brands like nature republic, Innisfree, Missha. However, they do have interesting products worth noting.

Have you ever heard of a 24k Gold nose pack?

O & Young came out with this 3 Step Nose pack that is in 24K Gold.

The nose pack is a 3 step process which is split into 3 packets.

Step 1, will open your pores for the blackhead to come out.

Step 2 would be used to remove the blackheads. (It is easier to remove since the pores have been open. Please make sure to use the steps in correct order)

Step 3 pack will be used to tighten the skin. Once the blackheads are removed, if the pores are not tightened fast, dirt can get trap within the pores and create new blackheads.

That’s all! It is that simple to use the 24k Gold Nose Pack. Despite its name “24K Gold”, it is thankfully not as expensive as the “Gold Bar itself”. That would be too much for something that you would use and throw away. Though the 24K Gold Nose Pack usefulness to keep our skin clean of pores are amazing. We strongly recommend you to try it out while it is on sales.

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